Passengers stories 
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Bartling Family
The story of: Charles and Fredericka Bartling and children August, Frederick, Dora & William.
Update: Email received from a descendant June 2017 with the following information:

My name is Christine Rose, my mothers grand father was a child (Ernest Augustu Bartling born 1855) on the Netherby.

I have just started tracing my family history and have found your web site very interesting.

Your history note on the family says that Ernest's father, Charles (Chas) Bartling and Fredericka Biel were married in 1850.

I believe the attached document is the record of Charles (Charly in the document) and Fredericka being married on 24th March 1866 some 20 days prior to leaving England. 

This means their 4 children that came on the boat were born out of wedlock or they were married in Germany and this marriage was not recognised in England or they had to get married to be eligible for travel to Australia or a combination of some or all of these.
Death notice and funeral notice located on TROVE by website admin Karina. Neither yet confirmed by descendants.