My ancestor George Leak Massingham, was shipwrecked on King Island in the Bass Strait between Tasmania and Victoria, on 14 July 1866 at the age of 16 while travelling to Australia aboard The Netherby.

He wrote an extremely descriptive letter home to his mother in England and I would like to share the contents of that letter, along with the many other sources of information I have since found regarding the shipwreck.

George was my great great grand-uncle and it always fascinated me that someone so young would be so brave as to travel across the world to a new country on his own. 
George went on to be a well known portrait and landscape photographer in Queensland and Victoria, with much of his work retained in the National Library of Australia.
George's letter - 6 pages of foolscap front and back.
I have been collecting information on the Netherby  shipwreck for 20 years and where possible, have listed my sources. I apologise that some sources name have been forgotten over time. 

I have also tracked down other peoples stories on the net and have included links to their sites. I hope you enjoy the reading, in particular the Surgeons Report, which while lengthy, is fascinating in its detail.
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