Passengers stories 
by their descendants.

Skerman Family
The story of: The Skerman Family:
John Skerman senior, 58 yrs, wife Maria 57 yrs, children Ann E 15 yrs, Walter George 13 yrs.
William Skerman, 19 yrs (son of John snr).
Frederick Skerman (son of John snr) 24 yrs, wife Alice 21 yrs (nee Darlington), and infant Alice 1 yr.
William Skerman (son of John snr) 38 yrs, wife Caroline 31 yrs, child Lucy 4 yrs.
Also travelling in the same party: Mr Hope Martin 23 yrs & Mrs Maria Martin (nee Skerman) 20 yrs. 
Mr Alfred Willian Darlington 21 yrs (brother of Alice Skerman).
1936 29 July Sydney Mail re W Skerman
The Skerman family have been excellent record keepers and story tellers. Click on the below PDFs and links for detailed family stories.
Queensland Family Tree Skerman entries LINK
Keith Skerman's blog about travelling from UK to King Island for the 150th LINK
STILL TO BE ADDED: Photos of the many Skerman descendants who attended the 150th commemorations on King Island.
These two articles are on display in the Netherby Room at the King Island museum.
Drawing from the Percival James Skerman Papers (Ref OM77-53). Image number:169087. Rights:Out of copyright. From Trove.
Kerry and Ian Hagan have a great website featuring the Skerman family history. LINK
Jim Benn wears many hats on King Island. One is that he is a descendant of survivors of the Netherby Shipwreck in 1866. Here he recounts to Rick Eaves the remarkable survival story on which his family’s history in this country was founded.
Duration: 6min 42sec
Broadcast: Fri 29 Jun 2018, 4:00pm
Drive: ABC Northern Tasmania. LINK
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