Full passenger list with corrections and alphabetised

This is much conjecture about the exact passenger list and numbers, and crew names etc. This list has been compiled by me from as many sources as possible in order to consolidate it as best as possible. All sources are listed in the below legend. I do not profess to this being the perfect list as it would appear there is no one complete or correct source.

Any corrections or extra information is very much welcome. 
As 150 year old handwriting is extremely difficult to read, and there are considerable differences between Netherby list, City of Melbourne list and news articles – I have done my best and included all possible alternate spellings and I have included confirmations from descendants where I have received them. 
Note that the differences in ages between the Netherby list and the City of Melbourne list could account for birthdays during the voyage, or just general errors.
** Where a surname is underlined – it links to a separate passenger history page on that person or family.

LEGEND of sources:
(N) – From scanned Netherby passenger list & ticket number where readable.
(CoM) – From City of Melbourne passenger list (note that this is not believed to be fully correct as there are passengers names on it where the descendants know they did not leave Melbourne). LINK
(ART) – From news article The Loss of the Netherby, The Queenslander Saturday 28 July 1866 which included an extensive passenger list (also indicating saloon, second cabin, intermediate passengers – all others are steerage) with a lot of typo’s.
(Art’s) – Where passengers were referenced in other news articles or letters to the editor.
(PP) – From the passengers petition thanking Capt Owens 30 July 1866, also on page 86 – 87 of Gazette.
(GAZ) – From mentions in the Netherby Gazette.
(PROV) – Public Record Office Victoria (Note that the records on this site show many duplicated entries and multiple spellings. Also noted that as Captain Owens appears in the passenger list on PROV that some other names not able to be matched to other sources may in fact also be crew – have listed these as TBC **) LINK 
(PROV-OUT) Public Records of Vic – list of outgoing passengers from Victoria to Brisbane via Sydney on City of Melbourne captained by D Walker LINK
(DESC) – Information direct from descendants.
(DC) – Don Charlwood’s book.
(ANN) – compared against Ann Rutte’s own spreadsheet and matched up – with any differences or additions noted.
(LINK) – includes a link to an external source ie ancestry.com 
(KARINA) – Extra notes by me where confusion reigns !!
TBC – indicates various anomalies and are noted beside the name and are in a ‘to be confirmed’ status.
** indicates possible duplicates due to miss-spellings, or only one source matched, or basically unable to verify (could also possibly be crew).

Other resources not successful:
National Archives of Australia – Shipping lists Brisbane inwards 1852 to 1964 LINK (Searched all for entry into port of Brisbane for 1866 – City of Melbourne not listed)

Occupation notes: These notations are from notes on Larry Lingard Davis' copies of the passenger lists and I am assuming are from his own research.
Navy/Navvy: a labourer, originally a labourer on a navigation contract.
Viceman: a smithy
Smith: An iron worker, blacksmith, whitesmith, brightsmith, tinsmith, goldsmith, silversmith.
Labourer: physical work of an unskilled kind.
Sawyor/Sawyer: cuts & saws timbers for use by a carpenter.
Wheelwright/Wainwright: a person who made or repaired wheels on wagons, carts and other farm implements.
Mason: A person who builds with stone.
Serf/Villein: a peasant personally bound to a Lord.
Groom: a person who cares for horses.
Cook: preparer of food.
Merchant: a person engaged in the purchase and sale of commodities for profit.

ADAMS: John 29 yrs, occ smith, Eliza 27 years and children Mary Ann 5 yrs, John B 1 yr (N ticket 10, Steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PP – John & Eliza Adams) (PROV names all match) (ANN match).

ALLDIS/ALDIS: Walter Charles, 22 yrs, labourer (N ticket 13 steerage) (ART sp Charles W Aldis) (CoM name Walter Charles Alldis) (PROV Walter Charles Alldis) (ANN match) (DESC confirmed Walter Charles). 

ALLAN/ALLEN: John 35 yrs (N ticket 68 steerage) (ART sp John Allan) (CoM sp James Allen) (GAZ – mention 1 May an iron box stolen from John Allen) (PROV John Allen) (ANN match). 

ATTWOOD: William Henry Attwood 21 yrs (N ticket 2660 2nd cabin sp Allwood) (CoM sp Allwood) (ART second cabin – sp Atteread) 
(PROV William Henry Allwood) (ANN list shows not on CoM) 
(Art’s - named in The Age 25 July 1866 as going with Parry in whaleboat, named in article 10 Aug 1866 Ballarat Star as receiving 20 pound reward for gallant conduct, signatory to letter to the Relief Fund 10 Aug 1866, named in article 1 Oct 1866 The Ballarat Star, killed in a fall from a horse, article refers to him being in Parry’s open boat).

APLIN: James 32 years, Mary Ann (nee Trend) 34 years, Anna 12 yrs, Lucy Jane 10 years. (N ticket 6093, steerage) (CoM) (ART has children Ann F, Lucy J) (PP – James & Mary Ann Aplin) (PROV child listed as Anne or Annie) (ANN match).

ARCHDEACON: Charles 35 yrs, Elizabeth 31 yrs, Charles 3 yrs (N ticket 313 steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PROV has first names for father and son as Christer & Christa) (ANN match)

ARKLE: Thomas 27 years (N ticket 6111 steerage) (CoM) (ART) (PP) (PROV).

ARMSTRONG: James 22 yrs (N) (ART) (CoM) (PROV).

ARNOLD: Augustus 18 yrs (N ticket 6194 steerage) (Augustus on CoM list) (ART first name WW) (PROV Augustus Arnold) (ANN – first name Augustus).

AUSTIN: Alfred James 30 yrs (N boarded in Plymouth) (ART) (CoM) (PP - Alfred James Austin) (PROV – Alfred James Austin) (ANN match).

AUSTIN: John 38 years farmer, Elizabeth 40 years (nee Heard) and children William 16 years, Edwin John 15 years, Sarah Elizabeth 10 years, John Henry 8 years, Selena (Helena in ART) 6 years, James 5 years and Mary Jane 4 years. 
(N register shows ages as John 45, Elizabeth 45, William 24, Edwin 21, boarding in Plymouth). 
(CoM list shows fathers name as Henry & age 45, Elizabeth 45, William 24, Edwin 21, Elizabeth 10, John 8, Selena 6, James 5, Mary 3) 
(PROV – John 45 yrs Elizabeth 45 yrs, William 24 yrs, Edwin J 21 yrs, Elizabeth 10 yrs, John 8 yrs, Selena 6 yrs, James 5 yrs, Mary 3 yrs) 
(ANN list - John 45yrs, Elizabeth 41 yrs, William 24 yrs, Sarah E 10 yrs, John 8 yrs, Selina 6 yrs, James 5 yrs Mary 3 yrs) 
(DESC provided names and ages as John Austin 38 years, his wife Elizabeth (nee Heard) 40 years, and their seven children William 16 years, Edwin John 15 years, Sarah Elizabeth 10 years, John Henry 8 years, Selena 6 years, James 5 years and Mary Jane 4 years).

BAILEY: Henry E. 19 yrs (N ticket 2652 steerage) (CoM) ART) (PROV) (ANN match)

BAILEY: Robert (ART) (PROV – Robert Railley 20 yrs). 

BARNETT: William 28 yrs labourer, Ellen (DESC - nee Kerslake) 22yrs, Mary Ann 4 yrs. and William H 1yr (N ticket 92 steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PP – W & Ellen Barnett) (PROV all match, duplicated as Barrett) (ANN match). 

BARRY: Ernest 19 yrs (N ticket 57 steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PP – E Barry) (PROV sp Earnest) (ANN match).

BARTLING: Charles 34 yrs gentleman, Fredericka 32, and children August 10yrs, Frederick 9yrs, Dora 6yrs, William 4yrs (N, boarded in Plymouth, Steerage) (ART sp Barkins) (CoM) (PP – Charley Bartling) (PROV – Charley Bartling – rest all match), (ANN match) (DESC).

BECKWORTH: William 29 yrs, Elizabeth 24 yrs, Hannah 4 yrs, Eliza 1 yr, and William 4 months (N ticket 310 steerage) (ART shows Hannah) (CoM records have Elizabeth as 29, Humphrey with a ? 4, Eliza 1, William 1) (PP – William & Elizabeth Beckworth) (PROV – William 29 yrs, Elizabeth 29 yrs, Eliza 1 yr, Humphrey 4yrs, Hamn 4 yrs, William 1 yr) (ANN match). 

BELLGROVE/BELLGRAVE: Edwin 26 yrs labourer (N ticket 2659, steerage) (CoM) (ART) (PP – sp Edwin Bellgrave) (PROV sp Bellgrove) (ANN match). 

BERRY: Edwin Berry 19 yrs, riveter (N ticket ticket 77 steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PP – E Berry twice) (PROV) (ANN match)
BERRY: Alfred R. 24 yrs acc possibly sawyer – hard to read (N ticket 86, steerage) (ART sp Barry) (or Berry on CoM) (PP – A.R. Berry twice) (PROV Alfred Berry 24 yrs) (ANN – Alfred & Edwin are brothers). 

BLUET/BLUETT: Henry P 28 years (N ticket 2647 second cabin) (CoM) (PROV Henry Bluett 28 yrs) (ART second cabin sp Bluett) (ANN match) (Art’s - named in The Age 25 July 1866 as going with Parry in whaleboat) (Art’s - Named in article 10 Aug 1866 Ballarat Star as receiving 20 pound reward for gallant conduct). 

BODLE: Richard 31 navvy, Ellen 28 yrs (N ticket 1 steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PROV) (ANN match).

BONE: Henry 26 yrs (N boarded in Plymouth, sp Henry Boner) (CoM – not able to fully translate surname) (PP – Henry Bone) (PROV Henry Bone 26 yrs) ANN list shows not on CoM).

BONNER: A. E. Bonner 26 yrs (Anthony) (N ticket 2642, steerage) (CoM) (ART) (PROV Anthony Bonner 26 yrs) (ANN match).

BONNER: Patrick 22 yrs (N ticket 47) (on CoM) (PROV Pat Bonner 22 yrs) (ANN list shows Patrick Bonner, age as 2 ??, ticket Lon 47 steerage)

BOWLER: Thomas 25 yrs (N boarded in Plymouth, steerage) (ART) (28 yrs on CoM) (PROV age 28 yrs) (ANN list has age 28).

BRADSHAW: Thomas 19 yrs, navvy (N ticket 12, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PP) (PROV) (ANN match)

BRIDGES: Thomas 19 yrs labourer (N ticket 6222, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PP) (PROV).

BROOKE/BROOKS: Richard 28yrs (N ticket 6325, steerage) (ART – sp Brooke) (looks like Brooks on CoM) (PROV Richard Brooks 28 yrs) (ANN list Richard Brooks). 

BROOKMAN: Fred 18 yrs (N ticket 6081) (PROV) (ANN list, occupation navvy).

BROOME: Saville Parnther Broome (N ticket 2644, intermediate) (CoM) (ART intermediate passenger, sp S.P. Browne) (PP – S Broome) (PROV – Saville Broome) (ANN list shows no to CoM) (DESC - The Intermediate Passenger list shows S.P.Browne. This should be BROOME. Saville Parnther Broome a son of the Rev. John Henry Broome, was later medical officer in Antigua where he died in 1885 - Info from discussion forum user named "Viner".). 

BROWN: Francis 20 yrs, labourer (N ticket 75, steerage) (ART sp Francis) (CoM sp Frank) (PP – F Brown) (PROV Francis Brown 20 yrs) (ANN match)

BULLPIT/BULPET/BULPIT: George H. 30 yrs, Annie 22 yrs (N ticket 6060 steerage, writing in front of number could say free) (Bullpit on CoM) (ART sp Bulpet) (PP – George Hy & Anne Bulpit) (PROV George Bulpit 30 yrs, Annie Bulpit 22 yrs – also shows surname as Rulpet) (ANN list shows maiden name Atkinson & Also duplicated under Rulpet). 

BURDEN: James 24 yrs, Ann 27 years (N ticket 48, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PP – James twice, Annie) (PROV) (ANN match).

BURNS: Patrick 23 yrs (N ticket 6189, steerage) (CoM) (ART) (PP) (PROV – Pat Burns 23 yrs) (ANN match)

** Bowes, P (PROV) (ANN list)
CARBURY/CARBERY: James 22 yrs, Jane 48 yrs (wife), Hugh 14 yrs, George 10 yrs, Sarah 8 yrs (N boarded in Plymouth, Steerage) (CoM) (PP – James, Jane, Hugh, George Carbery) (PROV – James 22 yrs, Jane 48 yrs, Hugh 14 yrs, George 10 yrs, Sarah 8 yrs Carbery) (ANN list says no to CoM).

CAXLEY/COXLEY/CAYLEY/CAGLEY: Benjamin 19 yrs, labourer (N boarded in Plymouth, Steerage, sp Caxley) (Coxley on CoM) (PP – Benjamin Cayley) (PROV – Benjamin Cagley 19 yrs repeated as Caxley) (ANN match name but says no to CoM).

CLARK/CLARKE: Bernard 30 yrs labourer, Catherine 40 yrs (N ticket 120, steerage, sp Clarke) (ART sp Clark) (CoM sp Clarke) (PP - Bernard & Catherine Clark, repeated as Barney Clark) (PROV – Barnard Clarke 30 yrs, Cutht/Cathe Clarke 40 yrs) (ANN match). 

CLARK: John 35 yrs labourer, Elizabeth 35 yrs, Annie 7 yrs, Elizabeth 3 yrs and Donald 1yr (N ticket 16, steerage) (ART sp Clark) (CoM list it shows another Copping family as John 35, Elizabeth 35, Annie 7, Elizabeth 3, Donald 1 – surname likely transposed wrong) (PP – John Clarke, Elizabeth Clarke) (PROV – John 35 yrs, Elizabeth 35 yrs, Annie 7 yrs, Elizabeth 3 yrs, Donald 1 yr Clark) (ANN match, with Donald as childs name).

CLEMPSON: William 20 yrs, viceman (N ticket 35, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PP – W Clempson) (PROV) (ANN match)

COLE: George 22 yrs, fitter (N ticket 78, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PP) (PROV) (ANN match)

CONDON: Selina 41 yrs, labourer (N ticket 6761, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PP) (PROV sp Conden) (ANN match but says not on CoM)

CONDON: Morris Joseph 36 yrs, Mary 34 yrs, Alfred 9 yrs, Caroline 10 yrs and Adelaide 2 yrs (N ticket 250, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PP – Maurice J & Mary Anne Condon, Caroline Condon, Maurice Joseph repeated) (PROV – all first names and ages match, surname spelled Condin) (ANN match).
CONDON: Robert 14 yrs (N ticket 213, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PP) (PROV surname sp Condin & duplicated as Condon) (ANN match)

COOK: Charles 26 yrs viceman (N ticket 62, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PROV) (ANN match)

COPPING: Henry 24 yrs, Mary 20 yrs, child Henry 3 yrs (N ticket 95, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PP - Henry Copping) (PROV all match).
COPPING: Saundor/Saunder, labourer age poss 31 (N ticket 96, steerage) (ART sp Launder) (PROV – Saunder Copping 31 yrs) (ANN match)

CORKILL/COCKHILL/CORKHILL: Thomas 21 yrs (N ticket 303) (ART sp Corkill) (CoM sp Cockhill) (PROV - Thomas Cockhill 21 yrs, duplicate record for Corkhill) (ANN match). 

CORNELL: Thomas 40 yrs, labourer (N ticket 55, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PROV) (ANN match)

COULDEN/COWDEN: James 19 yrs (N ticket 312, steerage) (ART) PROV James Cowden 19 yrs) (ANN match)

COWARD: John 23 yrs, labourer (N ticket 8, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PP) (PROV) (ANN match)

COWELL: Mr. Earnest 22yrs (N Saloon) (CoM) (ART sp Erwart) (PP – E. Cowell) (PROV Earnest Cowell 22 yrs) (GAZ – mention on page 15 as being owner of a white umbrella) (ANN match). 

COX: William 19 yrs, bricklayer (N ticket 50, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PP W Cox) (PROV William Cox 19 yrs) (ANN match)

CRAWFORD: Walter 26 yrs (N 2nd cabin, boarded in Plymouth) (CoM) (ART second cabin) (PROV) (Art’s - letters to editor 31 July) (ANN match)

CRESWELL/CRESSWELL: Stephen 29 yrs (N ticket 73, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PROV sp Cresswell) (ANN match)

CROCKER: James Crocker 20 yrs, wheelwright (N ticket 53, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PP – J Crocker) (PROV) (GAZ- mention on page 20 losing a gold ring) (ANN match).

CUBBIN: William 27 yrs, Ellen 24 yrs and children Elizabeth 1 yr, William 4 yrs, Alfred 3 yrs (N ticket 272, steerage) (ART sp Cumming) (CoM – baby Nettie not counted). (PROV sp Cubbins), (GAZ – page 59 refers to Mrs Cubbins safely delivered of a daughter on Tuesday 17 July) (Art’s, DESC - Ellen gave birth to Netherby, known as Nettie, on the beach on King Island the night of the wreck) (DESC Cubbin’s did not go to Brisbane so should not appear on the CoM list) (ANN – names matched and that they were not on CoM).

** Cicola, Louis (on PP) (see entry as Louis Nicholas)
** Couchie, John 19 yrs (PROV) (ANN match)
** Barry Carley (ART).
** CLARK: Patrick (ART) (PP – poss F Clark). 
DARLINGTON: Alfred William 21 years, viceman (N ticket 3, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PP – twice A Darlington, Alfred Darlington) (PROV) (DESC Travelling with Skermans, brother of Alice Skerman) (ANN match).

DART/DARK: George 19 yrs, labourer (N ticket 49, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PP – George Dark) (PROV – George Dart 19 yrs) (ANN match both surnames). 

DAVIS: Thomas 23 yrs, Ann 23 yrs (N ticket 305, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PROV) (ANN match)

DAWITON/DAURTON/DEARTON/DEWSTON: Henry 29 yrs (N ticket 60, steerage) (ART sp Dawiton) (CoM shows Daurton or Dearton) (PROV sp Dewtson & Dewston) (ANN match as Dewston/Dewtson).

DEAKIN: Samuel 30 yrs, Ellen 27 yrs, Ellen infant, and Elizabeth 3 yrs (N ticket 238, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PROV) (ANN match). 

DEALTY/DEATHY/DRUTHY: Edward F. 45 yrs (N ticket 6183, sp looks like Deathy) (CoM) (ART sp Dealty) (PROV) (ANN match).

DENOIS/DEMOIS/DENOIS/DENNIS: Pierce 28 yrs (N ticket 6214, steerage, sp not clear) (ART sp Pierce Demois) (CoM says ‘Pierre Denois or Dennis’) (PROV sp Pierre Denois) (ANN match).

DENNING: Charles, Maria and son James Gad(d) 11 years (N ticket 2648, steerage) 
(CoM) (ART sp Charles, Marion & James Dunning) 
(PP - Charles Denning) (PROV Charles, Marian and James Denning) 
(DESC Heather & Noel Denning advised correct spellings “and settled in the Glamorgan Vale and Fernvale districts west of Ipswich”) 
(KARINA - Death notices refer to James being known as Gad and Gadd – see linked page) (ANN match).

DICKSON/DIXON: John George 16 yrs (N ticket 2649, intermediate cabin) (CoM says Dixon) (ART intermediate passenger, sp Dickson) (PROV – John George Dixon) (ANN match).

DIPPIE: John D 29 yrs (N ticket 2640, steerage) (CoM) (PP - J Dippie) (PROV John D Dippie) (ANN match but says not on CoM).

DOBSON/DOTSON: John 20 or 28 yrs, carpenter (N ticket 76, steerage) (ART sp Dotson) (CoM Dobson 20yrs) (PROV – John Dotson 20 yrs) (ANN match as Dotson 20 yrs)

DRAKE: Mr James Drake 60 yrs gentleman, Mrs Elizabeth Drake 67 yrs (N ticket 2661, steerage, boarded in Plymouth) (CoM) (ART) (PP - James & Elizabeth Drake) (PROV James and Mrs Drake) (ANN match). 

DRAKE: Richard 31 yrs labourer, Emily 34 yrs, children Richard J 7 yrs. and Henry G 1 yr (N ticket 6250, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PP – Richard & Emily Drake) (PROV full match) (ANN match). 

DEAYTON/DRAYTON: George 19 yrs (N ticket 23, steerage) (ART sp Drayton) (CoM sp Deayton) (PROV sp Deayton) (ANN match)

DUPRENY/DUPPREY/DUPPEY/DUPPY: Thomas 16 yrs. (N ticket 2636, Second cabin) (ART sp Dupreny) (CoM spelling looks like Duppey) (PROV Thomas Duppuy) (ANN match sp Duppy).

DUNN: Dunn, John 24yrs (N, boarded at Plymouth, steerage) (CoM) (PROV) (ANN match).

*** Donager, P (PROV) (ANN match – sp Donagher) (KARINA: Cant find him on any other lists)

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EDWARDS: John 25 yrs viceman, Emma 24 yrs (N ticket 47, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PP – J Edwards) (PROV full match) (ANN match).

ELLIS: William 38 yrs occ sawyer, Jane 31 yrs (N ticket 20, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PP – William & Jane Ellis) (PROV full match) (ANN match).

EVANS: George John Evans 18 yrs (N ticket 2639, 2nd cabin) (ART second cabin) (CoM) (PP – Geo. Evans) (PROV George John Evans 18 yrs) (ANN match)

EVANS: Mr George Joseph Aston Evans 33 yrs Engineer/Smith, Mrs Emmeline Evans 25 yrs and children Henry John 3 yrs and Emmeline Evans 1yr. Also George’s younger brother Alonzo Evans 12 years (Alen on CoM). (N ticket 84, steerage) 
(Art’s – George JA Evans wrote a letter to the editor in The Age 25 July 1866 re why he stayed on shore while others joined Parry) 
(ART has only George & Emeline) (CoM) (PP – G.J.A. Evans, Emmeline Evans, A Evans) 
(GAZ – letter on page 14 re starting a company of minstrels) (DESC) 
(PROV Alonzo Evans 12 yrs & George 33 yrs, Emmeline 25 yrs, Henry 3 yrs, Emmeline 1 yr ) 
(ANN matched Alonzo aged 12, George 33, Emmeline 25, Henry John, 3, Emmeline 1).

EVANS: John Evans 19 yrs occ smith (N ticket 16, steerage) (DESC) (ART) (CoM) (GAZ - mentioned on page 17 as being from Enfield and attached to the band of the 41st Middlesex Rifle Corps) (PROV John Evans 19 yrs) (ANN match). 

EVANS: Reginald William Cotton Evans (PP – Reginald Evans) (PROV Reg’d Evans 19 yrs) (DESC full name provided) (ANN match) (KARINA - not yet located him on Netherby list).

EVANS: Benjamin Evans 19 yrs occupation too dark to read (N ticket 91) (on CoM) (PROV – Benjamin Evans 19 yrs) (ANN match).

EXTON: George Exton 21 yrs, Rosina Exton 31 yrs, and infant George (N ticket 6215, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PP – George Exton, Rosina Exton) (PROV – full match) (ANN match). 

** Evaroe/Evekoe, Rowif (PROV) (ANN match) (KARINA: no matches elsewhere)
** EVANS: Barry Evans (ART) (KARINA: no matches elsewhere – may actually be one of the other Evans).
FAGAN: Matthew 25 yrs, Mary 30 yrs (N ticket 118, steerage) (ART says Martha & Mary) (CoM) (PP – Matthew & Mary Fagan) (PROV Matthew 25 yrs and Mary 30 yrs Fagan) (ANN match).

FAUL: George 20 yrs (N ticket 65, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PROV) (ANN match)

FERRIS: Charles 18 yrs labourer (N ticket 6247, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PP) (PROV) (ANN match).

FINK: Henry 21 yrs, (N ticket 31, steerage) (ART sp Tink) (CoM sp Fink) (PP – Henry Fink) (PROV – Henry Fink 21 yrs) (ANN match)

FISHER: George 19 yrs viceman (N ticket 38, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PP) (PROV) (ANN match).

FORBES: Alexander 26 yrs (N ticket 6089, steerage) (CoM) (ART) (PP – Alex Forbes) (PROV) (ANN match)

FORD: Thomas 28 yrs (N ticket 10, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PP) (PROV) (ANN match with comment – not sure if ticket number a mistake or he was travelling with the Adams)

FOX: Henry 28 yrs labourer, Sarah 25 yrs, children Henry J. 5 yrs and Charles H. 5 yrs (N ticket 21, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PROV full match) (ANN match)

FROST: Joseph 27 yrs labourer (N ticket 6163, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PP) (PROV Joseph Frost 27 yrs, duplicated as Josh) (ANN match). 
GANLY/GANTY: Edward 24 yrs labourer (N ticket 290, sp Ganty) (ART sp Ganty) (CoM sp Ganly) (PP – Edward Ganty) (PROV Edward Ganty) (ANN match).

GILL: Edwin 24 yrs and Selina Anne 26 yrs (nee Langford DESC) (N ticket 2450) (ART second cabin) (PROV – Edwin 24 yrs, Saloia/Sylvia 26 yrs Gill) (ANN match).

GILL: John 36 yrs labourer, Mary 36 yrs, Thomas 6 yrs, Patrick 3 yrs and Ellen 1 yr (N ticket 93 {could say 90}, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PP John & Mary Gill) (PROV John 36 yrs, Mary 36 yrs, Thomas 6 yrs, Patrick 3 yrs, Ellen 1 yr) (ANN match).

GOLDSWORTHY: John 21 yrs (N, boarded in Plymouth, steerage) (CoM) (ART) (PROV) (ANN match).

GOULDEN: James 19 yrs (CoM) (PP) (PROV) (ANN match but notes could be same person as James Coulden) (KARINA: Not found him on Netherby list)

GRIMES: Thomas 34 yrs, Carry/Caroline 34 yrs, children Isaac 3yrs, Maria 2yrs (N ticket 2654, 2nd class, sp Carry) 
(ART Second cabin wife name sp Carry) (DESC) (CoM) (ANN match)
(PROV – Thomas 34 yrs, Carey 34 yrs, Isaac 3 yrs, Maria 2 yrs Grimes) 
(Art’s - J Grimes mentioned in letter to editor 31 July) (PP – Thomas & C Grimes) 
(GAZ – mention on page 28 of a chair belonging to Mrs Grimes being thrown overboard). 

GRINDALL: Joseph 28 yrs, Ann 33 yrs, and Annie infant (N ticket 6224, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (appear to also be travelling with children Mary E and James Patmore on same ticket number ART) (PP – sp Joseph Grindal) (PROV – Joseph 28 yrs, Ann 33 yrs, Annie 1 yr Grindall) (ANN match). 

GRINDALL: Richard 26 yrs, Sarah 24 yrs, children William 4 yrs, Maria 3 yrs, and Fanny 1 yr. (N ticket 6225) (CoM shows Fanny aged 1 not Tamar) (ART sp Fanny as Tamar) (PP – sp Richard Grindal). (PROV – Richard 26 yrs, Sarah 24yrs, William 4yrs, Maria 3 yrs, Fanny/Fannie 1 yr).

GROOM: Benjamin 31, Mrs Lucy 23 yrs and children William aged 6, Benjamin 4, Lucy 2, and Rosa 1 (N ticket 70, steerage) 
(ART sp Barry, Lucy) (CoM – But DESC info is that Mrs Groom refused to board so they stayed in Melb) 
(PP – Lucy Groom, Benjamin Groom, Benjamin Groom, Mrs Groom) 
(PROV – Benjamin 31 yrs, Lucy 23 yrs, William 6 yrs, Bery 4 yrs, Lucy 2 yrs, Rosa 1 yr) 
(DESC – Mother and Daughter named Lucy. They had 8 more children in Australia. William became a magistrate and awarded OBE. By Ray Groom - former premier Tasmania).

HACKNEY: George 19 yrs (N ticket 235, sp Hackney) (ART sp Hackney) (CoM sp poss Hustney) (PP – G Hackney) (PROV – Hackney & Huckney) (DESC confirmation of sp Hackney) (ANN match but also has a match for Huckey on ticket 233).

HALL: Mr Robert 35 yrs and Mrs Jane 35 yrs (N, boarded in Plymouth) (ART second cabin) (CoM) (PROV Jane Hall 35 yrs, Robert James Hall 35 yrs) (ANN match).

HALL: Robert 24 yrs (N ticket 6190, steerage) (CoM) (ART) (PP – Robert Hall – cant tell which one of the two on board) (PROV) (ANN match)

HANNA: John 26 yrs labourer of Ireland, Ann 25 yrs, and children John 8 yrs, Edward 5 yrs and Sarah 3 yrs (N ticket 6112, steerage) 
(ART misses John jnr) (CoM shows “infant born on voyage”) 
(PP – Jane Hanna – likely a typo) 
(GAZ – mention on page 31 birth of a daughter on 29 May) 
(PROV – John Hanna 26 yrs, Ann Hanna 25 yrs, John Hanna 8 yrs, Edward 5 yrs, Sarah 3 yrs) (ANN match). 

HARDWICK: Henry 20 yrs (N ticket 72, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PROV) (ANN match)

HARRIS/HANS: John 26 yrs (N ticket 222, steerage, sp looks like Hans) (ART sp Harris) (CoM looks like Hans) (PROV – John Hans 26 yrs) (ANN match sp Hans & says not on CoM).

HARRIS: Samuel 28 yrs (N ticket 271, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PROV) (ANN match)

HART: George 24 yrs, riveter (N ticket 24, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PROV) (ANN match)

HARTENSTEIN: Hermann 25, merchant (N, boarded in Plymouth, 2nd class) (ART second cabin) (CoM) (PP – H Hartenstein) (PROV)

HENRY: Michael 29 yrs labourer, Mary 27 years (N ticket 37, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PP – Michael & Mary Henery) (PROV – Michael Henry 29, Mary Henry 27) (ANN match).

HEWETT/HASLETT: Thomas 14 yrs. (N ticket 2655, steerage, sp Hewett) (CoM – possibly matching Thomas Haslett) (PROV Thomas Hewett 14 yrs) (ART sp Thomas Haslett) (ANN match sp Hewett) (KARINA - on same ticket number as William Smith 19yrs, poss travelling together)

HIRST: Berry/Benjamin/Benny 22 yrs (N ticket 4, steerage – note the 4 has a word in front of it – not readable) (ART sp Berry Hirst) (Benjamin on CoM) (PROV Benjamin Hirst 22 yrs) (ANN match) (KARINA note another ticket 4 seems to be Killham). 

HINIGAN/HENNIGAN: Michael 38 yrs navvy, Mary 37 yrs, Elizabeth 9 yrs, Abagail 6 and John 1 yr (N ticket 54, steerage) (ART sp Hinigan, child Michael) (CoM says Hennigan, child Abigail) (PROV – Michael 38, Mary 37, Elizabeth 9, Abigail 6, John 1 Henigan/Hennigan) (ANN match with both surnames). 

HOGAN: Edmund/Edmond 30 yrs miner, Ellen 30 yrs, children Michael 5 yrs and Margaret 3yrs (N, boarded in Plymouth, steerage) (ART sp Edmund) (sp Edmond on CoM) (PROV – Edmund Hogan 30 yrs, Ellen 30 yrs, Michael 5 yrs, Margaret 3 yrs Hogan) (ANN match with comment Miner in Mallhalah)

HUGGINS: Albert 21 yrs, labourer (N ticket 26, steerage) (ART – just initial A) (Albert on CoM) (PP – A Huggins) (PROV - Albert Huggins 21 yrs) (ANN match)

HUGGINS: George 31 yrs, Eliza 31 yrs (N ticket 6874 or 5874, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PP both) (PROV – George 31 yrs, Eliza 31 yrs Huggins) (ANN match)

HUGHES: Henry 25 yrs, labourer (N ticket 41, steerage) (ART) (23 yrs on CoM) (PP – H Hughes) (PROV – Henry Hughes 23 yrs) (ANN match with age 23)

HUSSEY: William 21 yrs, labourer (N ticket 64, steerage) (ART) (PP – Wm Hussey) (PROV – William Hussey 21 yrs) (GAZ – page 19 letter from W. Hussey, page 31 advertising as the ships hairdresser wanting an apprentice) (ANN match with notes – Barber at the crossing the line ceremony).

** John Hayes (PP list) (PROV) (ANN match)

JSEVON/JAEVON/JEVON: John 23 yrs, (ART sp Jaevon) (CoM sp Jevon) (PROV – John Jevon 23 yrs) (ANN match) (KARINA - not found him on Netherby scans).

JOHNSTON/JOHNSON: Thomas 20 yrs (N ticket 205, sp Johnston) (ART sp Johnson) (CoM sp Johnson) (PP – sp Johnson) (PROV – Shows Johnson and Johnston) (ANN match as Johnson).

JONES: Thomas 22 yrs, navvy (N ticket 80, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PROV) (ANN match)

JONES: Robert 22 yrs bricklayer, (N ticket 44, steerage), Martha 18 yrs (N line 90) (ART) (CoM) (PP) (PROV – Robert Jones 22 yrs, Martha Jones 18 yrs) (ANN notes both on ticket 44, and notes that neither on CoM) (KARINA: both names at ticket 44 row appear to be crossed out, but reappear on page 8 as 44 & 90).

*** Johann George Johone on PP. (KARINA: Could be John Jevon anglicised ??) (ANN notes it could be the family listed as Thon)

KELLY: James 20 yrs (N ticket 225, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PROV) (ANN match with sp as Kelley).

KELLY: Michael, 24 yrs (N, boarded in Plymouth, steerage) (CoM) (PROV) (ANN match with age 20/24).

KERNEY: Charles 19 yrs (ART sp Kerney) (CoM Shows Kearney then ‘a’ crossed out) (PP – C Kerney) (PROV Charles Kerney 19 yrs) (KARINA - Still looking for him on Netherby scans)

KEYS: John 22 yrs (N ticket 98, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PROV – John Keys 22 yrs) (ANN match)

KEAY/REAY: Alfred 21 yrs (N ticket 30, steerage) (ART sp Reay) (CoM sp Keay) (PROV – Alfred Keay 21 yrs) (ANN match & notes not on CoM).

KILLHAM: Edward 20 yrs labourer (N ticket 4, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PP – sp Killhiem) (PROV – Edward Killham 20 yrs)

** Mishe Kelly (ART) (KARINA notes – likely Michael). 

LAGAN/LEGON: Edwin 30 yrs (N ticket 98) (ART sp Edwin Lagan) (CoM shows Edward Legon) (PROV Edward Legon 30 yrs).

LAURENCE/LAWRANCE: Sophia 52 yrs not able to read occupation, William age not clear (N ticket 4026, steerage, sp Laurence, writing before ticket number could say asst) (ART sp Laurence) (CoM spells Lawrance & shows William as 14 yrs) (PP – Misses Lawrence) (PROV – Sophia 52 yrs, William 14 yrs) (ANN match with William age 14). 

LEE/LEA: Arthur 26 yrs labourer, Elizabeth 26 yrs, children William 3 yrs and Alfred 1 yr (N ticket 9, steerage) (ART sp Lea) (CoM says father is Anthony and surname is Lee) (PP Arthur & Elizabeth Lee) (PROV – Arthur/Anthony 26 yrs, Elizabeth 26 yrs, William 3 yrs, Alfred 1 yr Lee) (ANN match as surname Lee).

LEE/LEA: Andrew 27 yrs labourer, Mary 27 yrs, David 6 yrs, Margaret 4yrs, and Isabella infant (N ticket 14, steerage, sp Lee) (Art sp Lea) (CoM sp Lee) (PP – Andrew & Mary Lee) (PROV – Andrew 27 yrs, Mary 27 yrs, David 6 yrs, Margaret 4 yrs, Isabella 1 yr Lee) (ANN match with surname Lee). 

LEE: Alfred 19 yrs, labourer (N ticket 99) (ART) (CoM) (PP) (PROV).

LE MONIER/LE MONNIER: John, labourer. (N ticket 2635, steerage) (CoM shows Le Monnier) (ART sp Le Monier) (PROV – John Le Monnier) (ANN match).

LENNON/LEMON/LEMAN: William 25 yrs, (N ticket 142, steerage, sp Lennon) (ART sp Lennon) (PP – Wm Leman) (PROV – William Lemon 25 yrs) (ANN match with surname Leman/Lemon).

LINGARD: William 24 yrs, Emma 23 yrs (N ticket 11, steerage) (ART sp Lingard) (CoM shows spelling Linguard) (PROV – William 24 yrs, Emma 23 Years Lingard/Linguard) (DESC - correct sp Lingard) (ANN match).

LOBB: John 23 yrs, viceman (N ticket 28, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PROV – John Lobb 23 yrs) (ANN match).

LUCAS, Zacch 18 yrs (N ticket 6083, name crossed out) (PROV) (ANN match with notes “went ashore at Plymouth”)


MALONE/MALONA/MALONS: James 20 yrs, Margaret 18 yrs (N ticket 119, steerage) (ART sp Malona) (CoM sp Malone) (PP – James & Margaret Malone) (James 20 yrs, Margaret 18 yrs Malone) (ANN match sp Malone).

MANNING: Henry 19 years (N ticket 6142, steerage) (CoM) (ART) (PP – H Manning) (PROV) (ANN match).

MARTIN: Thomas Martin 21 yrs, (N, boarded in Plymouth) (ART) (PROV – Thomas Martin 21 yrs).

MARTIN: Mr Hope Martin 23 yrs viceman and ships teacher, Mrs Maria Martin 20 yrs (N ticket 52, steerage) 
(ART) (CoM) (PP – Hope Martin) (PROV – exact match) (GAZ – referred to as schoolmaster) (ANN match) 
(DESC - My mother's maiden name was Martin and her great uncle was Hope Martin, Schoolmaster on the Netherby. Hope Martin's wife's name was Maria (nee Skerman, daughter of John) and they came with others in the Skerman family, including my husband, Neil Magee, whose great great grandfather was John Skerman, whose sister was Maria Skerman. Would love to find out about what happened to Hope and Maria Martin after they left Queensland for Balmain, NSW. Would love to hear if anyone knows about that side of the family. From Judith Magee).

MASSINGHAM: George Leake 16 yrs (N ticket 2657, steerage) (CoM) (ART) (PP) (DESC) (PROV) (ANN match).

McCARTHY/MACARTHY: Daniel 22 yrs (N ticket 152, steerage) (ART sp M’Carthy) (CoM sp Macarthy) (PROV – Daniel MacCarthy/McCarthy 22 yrs) (ANN match sp MacCarthy). 

McFARLANE/MACFARLANE: John 22 yrs (N ticket 224, steerage) (ART sp M’Farlane) (CoM sp MacFarlane) (PROV John MacFarlane/McFarlane 22 yrs) (ANN match sp MacFarlane).

McKENNA/McKINNON: William 41 yrs, Elizabeth 42 yrs (N ticket 241, steerage) (ART sp M’Kenna) (CoM sp McKinnon) (PP – William & Elizabeth M’Kinnon) (PROV – William 41 yrs, Elizabeth 42 yrs MacKinnon/McKenna) (ANN match with both surnames).

McKENNA/McKINNON: Malcolm 27 yrs (N ticket 242, steerage) (ART sp M’Kenna) (CoM sp McKinnon) (PP – M M’Kinnon) (PROV – Malcolm MacKinnon/McKinnon 27 yrs) (ANN match with McKinnon sp).

MEAGER: Samuel 29 yrs labourer (N ticket 4036, steerage) (ART) (PP) (PROV - Samual Meager/Meagher 29 yrs) (ANN match).

MOFFATT: Mrs Isabella 40 yrs, and children Luke 15 yrs and Mary 13 yrs (N ticket 4023, steerage) (ART sp Lake) (CoM) 
(PP – Mrs Moffatt, Luke and Mary Moffatt) (PROV – full matches) (ANN match) 
(DESC Catriona Robinson provided correct spelling and “Her husband and 3 older children were already in the colony”).

MOORE: John 20 yrs (N ticket 97, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PROV) (ANN match)

MORRIS: Edwin 26 yrs, Fanny 24 yrs, children Albert E 2 yrs. and Charles 1 yr (N ticket 6125, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PROV – Edwin 26 yrs, Fanny 24 yrs, Albert 2 yrs, Charles 1 yr Morris) (ANN match with ticket number 6223) (KARINA – ticket number hard to read).

MORRIS: Samuel 29 yrs labourer (N ticket 4036) (ART).

MORRIS: Sam Morris 18 yrs labourer (N ticket 6231, steerage) (CoM) (PROV - Samuel Morris 18 yrs) (ANN match).

MULLHAM/MALLHAN: Peter 24 yrs (N ticket 166) (CoM sp Mullham) (PROV sp Mullhan) (ANN match)

MURDOCH: James Murdoch 18 yrs (N ticket 25, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PP – J Murdoch) (PROV – James Murdock 18 yrs) (ANN match)

MURPHY: James Murphy 29 yrs, Ann Murphy 29 yrs, and infant Edward (N ticket 7, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PP – James & Ann Murphy) (PROV – James 29 yrs, Ann 29 yrs, Edward 1 yr Murphy) (ANN match with not “nee Spencer”). 

** George Meagher 29 yrs (on CoM list) (KARINA: Could actually be Samuel)
** John Morony (PP list)
** Jacob Moses (GAZ – referred to on page 39 as a money lender)
** MARSHALL: Peter Marshall (ART) (KARINA: no mentions elsewhere).

NALLY: Robert 27 yrs occupation not readable starts with P, Mary 27 yrs, (baby Michael born on board) (N ticket 6272, steerage) (ART – infant not mentioned) (CoM – infant not mentioned) (PP – Robert & Mary Nally) (PROV – Robert 27 yrs, Mary 27 yrs Nally) (GAZ – mention on page 20 baby born 14 May) (ANN match).

NASH: John 28 yrs, riveter (N ticket 58, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PP) (PROV) (ANN match).

NEWBROOK: Thomas 14, Mary 40 yrs (N ticket 204, steerage) and Ann 15 yrs serf (N ticket 6762, steerage), (ART only mentions Thomas and Mary) (son Thomas not mentioned on CoM) (PROV – Thomas 41 yrs, Mary 40 yrs, Ann 15 yrs, Thomas 14 yrs Newbrook) (ANN match with Thomas age 14, and Thomas and Mary on ticket 234, also showing a Thomas aged 41 ?).

NEWLAND/NOWLAN/NOLAN/NORRLAN: Stephen 20 yrs groom (N ticket 6238 or 6208, steerage) (ART sp Newland) (sp Nowlan on CoM) (PROV – Stephen Nowlan 20 yrs) (ANN match as Nolan/Nowlan).

NICOLAS/NICHOLAS: Louis 37 yrs (N line 6299, steerage, sp Nicholas) (Art sp Nicolas) (CoM sp Nicholas) (Cicola, Louis on PP) (PROV – Louis Nicholas 37 yrs).

NOLAN: Daniel 34 yrs (N ticket 287, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PROV) (ANN match).

NOLAN: John 28 yrs (N ticket 288 steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PP – poss as S Nolan) (PROV – John Nolan 28 yrs) (ANN match).

NORTHFIELD: Thomas 28 yrs riveter (N ticket 51, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PROV) (ANN match).

** Nevel, Joseph 29 yrs (PROV) (ANN)
** New, BA (ART). 

O’CONNOR: Dennis 27 yrs, carpenter (N ticket 81, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PROV) (ANN match).
O’CONNOR: Michael 36 yrs, navvy (N ticket 82, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PROV) (ANN match).

O’CONNOR: John 30 yrs, navvy (N ticket 83, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PROV) (ANN match) (KARINA - not known if this was a family or 3 separate men – they appear together in all lists and ticket numbers are in order).

OWENS: Capt Owen Owens (PROV) 

PACKER: William 19 yrs (N ticket 32, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PP) (PROV) (ANN match).

PARKER: William 21 yrs (N ticket 201 or 223) (ART) (CoM) (PROV) (ANN match).

PARSONS: Charles William 44 yrs, Elizabeth (DESC nee Head) 36 yrs, children Thomas 15 yrs, Elizabeth and Lupina Parsons both 6 yrs (N ticket 6185, steerage) (CoM) (ART – sp wife Eliza) (PP – T Parsons) (PROV – Charles 44 yrs, Eliza 36 yrs, Thomas 15 yrs Eliza 6 yrs, Lupin 6 yrs Parsons) (ANN match with note saying went to Brisbane then returned to Melbourne).

PATMORE/POTMORE/POLMORE: Mary E. 14 yrs, James 10 yrs (N ticket 6224, steerage with Grindalls) (spelling Potmore on CoM) (PROV Mary 14, James 10 Polmore/Potmore) (ANN match with sp Polmore/Potmore) (KARINA – appear to be travelling in the Grindall party).

PEARCE/PEARSE: James 23 yrs, labourer (N ticket 59, steerage) (ART sp Pearse) (CoM sp Pearce) (PP – James Pearce) (PROV – James Pearce 23 yrs) (ANN match sp Pearce).

PINNUCK: David Snr labourer, Elizabeth 24 yrs, children Albert 2 yrs and David jnr infant (N ticket 7 & 8, steerage) 
(ART sp Pinnick) (CoM) (PP – D & E Pinnuck) (PROV – David 29 yrs, Elizabeth 24 yrs, Albert 2 yrs, David 1 yr Pinnick) (ANN match) 
(DESC - Sp Pinnuck. They were originally from Enfield, Middlesex UK, They settled in and around Strathmerten, Victoria before eventually settling in Broken Hill. Many descendants remain in both areas. By Glenn Pinnuck).

PINNUCK: Edward 22 yrs labourer (Brother of David Pinnuck snr) (N ticket 18, steerage) (ART sp Pinnick) (CoM) (PP – E Pinnuck) (PROV – Edward Pinnick 22 yrs) (ANN match) (DESC – sp Pinnuck).

POPE: George 26 yrs (N, boarded in Plymouth, Steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PROV) (ANN match).

POPE: Thomas 21 yrs (N ticket 5, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PP) (PROV) (ANN match).

PRYOR: John 23 yrs labourer (N, boarded in Plymouth, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PROV) (ANN match).

** Pales, Francis 21 yrs labourer (N ticket 79) (PROV) (ANN match with ? marks) (KARINA – looks crossed out on N scans)
** Prestwood, Stephen (PROV) (ANN match)

REARDON/REERDON: Ellen 25 yrs (N ticket 6283, steerage) (ART sp Reardon) (sp Reerdon on CoM) (PROV Ellen Reardon 25 yrs) (ANN Match but says no to CoM, but under sp Reedon yes to CoM).

RECKIE/REEKIE: James 27 yrs labourer (N ticket 6209, steerage, sp Reckie/Reekie) (ART sp Reckie) (CoM sp Reekie) (PP – James Reckie) (PROV – James Reekie 27 yrs) (ANN match).

RERDEN: James 31 yrs labourer, Eleanor 32 yrs, children James 8 yrs, Philip 6 yrs and Charles 1 yr (N ticket 6257, steerage) 
(ART sp Rerden, Ellena) (sp Reiden on CoM) (PP – James & Eleanor Renden) (PROV – James 31 yrs, Ellen 32 yrs, James 8 yrs, Philip 6 yrs, Charles 1 yr Reiden/Rerden) (ANN match) (Spelling Rerden from DESC Bobbie Church, 4 more children born in Melbourne. From Kelli Rerden wife of great great grandson “father in law has family bible water stained from the wreck).

REILEY/RILEY/RAILLEY: Robert 20 yrs (N ticket 302 {or 312}, steerage) (on CoM) (PP – R Riley) (PROV – Robert Reiley 20 yrs) ANN match with sp Riley/Reilly/Railley).

ROBINS: John 24 yrs (N) (ART) (CoM).

ROBINSON: Henry Higginson 28 yrs, labourer (N ticket 71, steerage) (CoM) (PP – H Robinson) (PROV – Henry/Henry P Robinson 28 yrs) (ANN unsure of match – her notes are “could be Thomas H or Henry P”).

ROGERS: John 23 yrs (N, boarded in Plymouth, steerage) (Thomas on CoM) (ART – John) (PP – John Rogers) (PROV – John Rogers 23 yrs, also shows Thomas Rogers 23 yrs) (ANN match as sp Rodgers/Rogers).

ROSENWELLS: Charles 20 yrs labourer (N ticket 63) (on CoM) (ART sp Tweansvills) (PROV – Charles Rosenwells 20 yrs) (ANN match with ?? marks) 

RAULT/ROULT: Jane 25 yrs serf (N ticket 6213, steerage, sp looks like Jane Rault) (ART sp Roult) (CoM sp Rault) (PROV – Jane Rault 25/28 yrs) (ANN match as James Rault 28).

RUDGE: James 20 yrs riveter (N ticket 43, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PP – J Rudge) (PROV – James Rudge 20 yrs) (ANN match)

** Rabone, John 24 yrs, occ smith (N ticket 27, steerage) (PROV) (ANN match) (Karina notes – could be a match to John Robins)
** Robbins, W (PROV) (ANN match with ?? marks)
** Thomas H. Robinson (ART) (Possibly same person as Henry Higginson Robinson).

SANGER: Thomas 21 yrs (N ticket 6294, steerage) (ART sp Lanfer) (CoM) (PP – T Sanger) (PROV – Thomas Sanger 21 yrs) (ANN match).

SCAND: George 18 yrs (N ticket 6082, steerage) (CoM) (ART) (PP – G Seames) (PROV – George Scand 18 yrs) (ANN match with sp Scanes)

SCHARDON/SCHARDER/SCHRADER: William 32 yrs gentleman, Mary 28 yrs, children Mary 4 yrs and Margaret 2 yrs (N, boarded in Plymouth, steerage, sp Scharder) (ART sp Schardon) (CoM spelling Scharder) (PP – William & Mary Schrader) (PROV – Shows surname Scharder/Schrader: William 32, Mary 28, Mary 4, Margaret 2) (ANN match with sp Schrader/Scharder). 

SEYMOUR: Alfred 22 yrs and Elizabeth 24 yrs (DESC nee Everson) (N ticket 2645, steerage) (CoM) (ART) (PROV – Alfred 22 yrs, Elizabeth 24 yrs) (ANN match with notes “nee Everson” & “went on to live in Bundadamba Ipswich, occupation carrier). 

SHAW: John 20 yrs (N ticket no number page 8, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PROV) (ANN match) (KARINA notes Ticket 90 isn’t readable but looks like a longer name)

SHELFORD: Edward W 21 yrs, labourer (N ticket 36) (ART) (CoM) (PP) (PROV) (ANN match)

SHERWOOD: William 30 yrs (N, boarded in Plymouth, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PROV) (ANN match, also has entry for R Sherwood).

SHORT: Arthur 50 yrs, labourer (N, boarded in Plymouth, steerage) (on CoM Anthony Short 50 yrs) (ART sp Arthur) (PP – Arthur Short) (PROV - Arthur Short 50 yrs) (ANN match)

SINCLAIR: James 23 yrs (N, boarded in Plymouth, Steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PP – Jas. Sinclair) (PROV – James Sinclair 23yrs) (ANN match)

SKERMAN: William 19 yrs, occ smith (N ticket 6, steerage) (ART sp Sherman) (CoM) (PP – William Skerman jun) (PROV William Skerman 19 yrs) (ANN match with notes “son of John) (DESC - My mother’s mother was a Skerman and daughter of 19 year old William Skerman on the Netherby. Can you believe that a family of 13 took the risk to come to Queensland with all their foundry equipment to set up business, only to lose the lot and end up being farmers instead. Your relative George Massingham’s account mentions "‘Walter’ came to see if he wished to go to Church", that Walter was probably Rita’s and my relative, Walter George Skerman, aged 13 at the time of the voyage. All the other Walters on the vessel were in their 20s or older. Kerry Hagan)

SKERMAN: John Snr 58 yrs occ smith & Maria 57 yrs and children Ann E 15 yrs, Walter George 13 yrs (N ticket 14, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (DESC) (PP - John Skerman) (PROV – John 58yrs, Maria 57 yrs, Ann E/Annie E 15 yrs, Walter G 13 yrs) (ANN match with notes “Worked on Toowong Cemetery, paid 15 shillings per week).

SKERMAN: Frederick 24 yrs, occ smith & Alice (DESC - nee Darlington, sister of Alfred) 21 years and infant Alice 1 yr (N ticket 45, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PP – F Skerman) (PROV – Frederick 24 yrs, Alice 21 yrs, Alice 1 yr) (ANN match with notes “Son of John, Netherby Minstrel, Worked Toowong Cemetery 15 shillings per week). 

SKERMAN: William 38 yrs, Caroline 31 yrs, and child Lucy 4 yrs (N ticket 46, steerage) (ART child name not given) (CoM) (PP – Wm Skerman, William Skerman sen, Mrs W Skerman) 
(GAZ – 22 April death of Lucy) (PROV – William 38 yrs, Caroline 31 yrs, Lucy H 4yrs) 
(ANN match with notes that Caroline is daughter of John ?, and that they may have remained in Melb).
(GAZ – Frederic and William Skerman mentioned on page 17 as being from Enfield and attached to the band of the 41st Middlesex Rifle Corps)

SMITH: Amelia (or likely Arthur) 36 yrs labourer (N ticket 6268, steerage, sp Ath) (ART sp Amelia) (Anthony on CoM) (PROV – A/Authr Smith 36 yrs) (ANN match as Arthur)

SMITH: William 19 yrs (N ticket 2655, steerage, on same ticket number as Thomas Hewitt) (ART) (CoM) (PP – W.Smith – could be either of the 2 William Smiths) (PROV – William Smith 19 yrs) (ANN match). 

SMITH: William 21 yrs (N ticket 89, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PROV – William Smith 21 yrs) (ANN match)

SNOOK: George 25 yrs, Eliza/Elizabeth 25 yrs, and infant Elizabeth (N ticket 6201, steerage) (ART just mentions infant) (CoM states infant deceased) (PP - George Snook) 
(GAZ – mention on page 44 June 21st death of 10 month old Eliza Snooks) (PROV – George 25 yrs, Eliza 25 yrs, Eliza 1 yr Snook) (ANN match)

SOUTHWELL: Joseph 19 yrs (N ticket 2, steerage) (ART sp Southerwell, Joseph) (CoM says James) (PROV – Southwell Josh/Joseph 19 yrs) (ANN match)

SPENCER: James 45 yrs and Eliza 34 yrs (N ticket 2641, intermediate) (ART intermediate passengers) (CoM) (PROV – James 45 yrs, Eliza 34 yrs Spencer) (ANN match)

SPRINGETT: Gordon F. 20 yrs (N ticket 2638, second cabin) (CoM) (PROV – Gordon F Springett 20 yrs) (ART) 
(Art’s - named in The Age 25 July 1866 as going with Parry in whaleboat) 
(PP – G F Springett) (ANN match) 
(Named in article 10 Aug 1866 Ballarat Star as receiving 20 pound reward for gallant conduct).

STARKE: Mr Nicholas 37 yrs and Mrs Jane 36 yrs, Ann 10 yrs (N ticket 2653, intermediate) (ART intermediate passengers) (CoM) (PROV – Nicholas 37 yrs, Jane 36 yrs, Ann 10 yrs Starke) (ANN match). 

STANLEY: Robert 30 yrs (N, boarded in Plymouth, steerage) (CoM) (ART) (PROV) (ANN match with notes “Volunteer with Parry, walked with Parry to Cape Wickham to raise alarm. Did not cross Bass Strait”).

STUTCHBURY: Eliza Jane 20 yrs. (N saloon) (CoM) (ART – Stuckbury sp) (PROV – Miss Stuchberry 20 yrs) (ANN match) (DESC- Met Dr Marshall Hall Webster on board and later married him).  

SYDNEY/SIDNEY: Robert 20 yrs (N ticket 6207 sp Sydney) (ART sp Sydney) (CoM sp Sidney) (PP – R Sydney) (PROV - Robert Sidney/Sydney 20 yrs) (ANN match both sp). 

TAYLOR: Joseph 24 yrs, occ smith (N ticket 67, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PROV) (ANN match).

THOMAS: Miss Elizabeth Salmon 26 yrs (N, Saloon) (ART) (PP – E Thomas) (PROV – as Miss Elizabeth Townsend 26 yrs) (ANN match) (DESC - Second cousin and future wife of Captain William Townsend).

THOMAS: William 25 yrs (N ticket 85, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PROV) (ANN match).

THOMPSON: James B. 28 yrs (N ticket 2662, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PP – JB Thompson) (PROV – James B Thompson 28 yrs) (ANN match).

THOMPSON: William 20 yrs, Carpenter (N ticket 74, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PP - W Thompson) (PROV – William Thompson 20 yrs) (ANN match).

THON/THORN/JOHONE: John G 39 yrs, Martha 38 yrs, Thomas 5 yrs and Catherine 1 yr (N ticket 61, steerage, boarded in Plymouth, Sp Thorn on page 11) (ART sp Thon) (CoM spelling could be Thorn) (PP – Marta Tone) (PROV – John G 39 yrs, Matther/Mattr 38 yrs, Thomas 5 yrs, Catherine 1 yr Thon) (ANN notes could be surname Johone – Johann George 23 yrs, Marta 38 yrs, Thomas 5 yrs, Catherine 1 yr).

THORNTON: James 36 yrs fitter, Mary 40 yrs, Emily A. 12 yrs (N ticket 34, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PP – James & Mrs Thornton) (PROV – James 36 yrs, Mary 40 yrs, Emily 12 yrs) (ANN match). 

TOWNSEND: Captain William, Esquire 56 yrs (N, Saloon) (ART) (CoM), (DESC advice - 6 children from first marriage), Isabella Rachel 14 yrs (N, Saloon) (ART), Mary Catherine 12 yrs (N Saloon) (ART), Edwin James 17yrs (N ticket 2637, Second Cabin) (ART), George Robert 16 yrs (N ticket 2637, Second Cabin) (ART), Victor Louis 10 yrs (N ticket 2637, Second Cabin) 
(ART) (Art’s – W Townsend mentioned in letter to editor 31 July) 
(PP - Wm Townsend, TR Townsend, GR Townsend, MC Townsend, EJ Townsend) 
(GAZ – William Townsend named as editor of Gazette) 
(PROV William Esquire 56 yrs, Edwin 17 yrs, George 16 yrs, Isabella 14 yrs, Mary 12 yrs, Victor 10 yrs) 
(ANN match with notes about William Refused rescue by Pharos. Settled at Sandgate near Brisbane. Owned Brighton Hotel. Member of Qld Marine Board. Died 11 Aug 1893. And also notes about George - probable purchaser as ‘GRT’ of the monkey Jacko Hans from the Dutch Barque Cornelia Adolphine – noted in GAZ).

TURNER: Thomas 19 yrs (N ticket 33, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PP – T Turner) (PROV) (ANN match)

** Thomas, Martin 25 yrs (On CoM) (ANN match with notes could be Thomas Martin or Martin Thomas ages 21 or 25)
** Threadingham, Henry 35 yrs crew (N ticket 66), Mary Ann 33 yrs, Mary Ann 14 yrs, Henry 7 yrs, Sarah Jane 5 yrs, John 2 yrs (PROV) (ANN match with notes Henry is crew, rest of family crossed out – possibly didn’t board)

VICARY: James C. age poss 21(N ticket 2656, second cabin) (ART Second cabin) (CoM) (PROV) (ANN match).

VINCENT: Mr. H. D. 20/22 yrs (N, boarded in Plymouth, saloon) (ART) (CoM says 20 yrs) (PROV – Mr H D Vincent 20 yrs) (Art’s – mentioned in letters to editors 31 July) (PP – H. Dunsterville Vincent) (GAZ – HD Vincent named as editor of Gazette) (ANN match). 

WALL: John 23 yrs (N, boarded in Plymouth) (ART second cabin) (CoM) (PROV) 

WARD: William 24 yrs, hammersmith (N ticket 40, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PROV) (ANN match with age 24, additional entry William Wall, Plymouth, Second cabin, hammerman – could be same person). 

WATKINS: Hugh Daniel 34 yrs, Martha 23 yrs and infant Hugh Daniel 1 yr (N ticket 87, steerage) 
(ART initials AD) (CoM has initials AD 31 yrs) (PP – Daniel Watkins) (PROV – AD Watkins 31 yrs, Martha 23 yrs, Hugh Daniel 1 yr) (ANN match) 
(DESC - Hugh Daniel Watkins and Martha Watkins & 1yr old Hugh Daniel. Hugh was a boilermaker. Their last child Annie Susanna married into the Patterson family...Herman. From Lesla Soulsby).

WATKINS: John 19 yrs (N ticket 88, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PP) (PROV) (ANN match).

WEBSTER: Alexander Brand 20 yrs (N saloon) (ART) (CoM) (PROV – Mr Alexander Webster 20 yrs) (Deception Bay Heritage website) (Art’s mention in letter to editor 31 July as HA Webster).

WELLBARON/WELBURN/WELBOURNE: James 33 yrs (N ticket 6173, surname not clear) (on CoM list) (PP – James Welburn) (PROV – James Welburn 33 yrs) 
(GAZ – James Welbourne mentioned page 16 offering reward for lost purse) (ANN match with sp Welburn/Wellburn/Welbourne).

WIGLEY: George Henry 31 yrs, Marian (DESC nee Cross) 32 yrs, children George Henry 7 yrs, Walter John 5 yrs, and Marian Adelaide Wigley 2 yrs (N ticket 69, steerage) 
(ART sp Wiffley) (CoM shows Marian for mother and daughter) (PP – George Whigley) (PROV – Wiggley/Wigley: George 31 yrs, Marian 32 yrs, George 7 yrs, Walter 5 yrs, Merian 2 yrs) (DESC confirmed sp Wigley & Marian for mother and daughter) (ANN match). 

WILLIAMS: Charles 30 yrs & Julia 31 yrs, children Hannah 10 yrs, Ellen 8 yrs, John 6 yrs and Charles Williams infant (N ticket 94, steerage) (ART) (CoM shows Charles snr as 20 yrs) (PROV – Charles 30 yrs, Julia 31 yrs, Hannah 10 yrs, Ellen 8 yrs, John 6 yrs, Charles 1 yr) (ANN match with notes that Charles infant born on the voyage)

WILLIAMS: John 24 yrs (N ticket 285) (ART) (CoM) (PROV) (ANN match)

WILLIAMS: Michael 20 years (N ticket 93, steerage) (ART) (CoM) (PROV) (ANN match)

** Wells, C (PP list) (PROV - C T Wells) (ANN match with Wells and Walls, Charles T).
** Walls, Charles (PROV).
** White, John 18 yrs (N ticket 6144) (PROV) (ANN match with notes – went ashore at Plymouth).

​YEATES/YATES: James 19 yrs labourer (N ticket 15, steerage) (ART sp Yeates) (CoM sp Yates) (PP sp Yates) (PROV – James Yeates 19 years) (ANN match both sp).

YEATES/YATES: Walter 23 yrs, Elizabeth 18 yrs and infant William (N ticket 22, steerage) (ART sp Yeates) (CoM sp Yates) (PP sp Yates) (PROV – Walter 23 yrs, Elizabeth 18 yrs, William 1 yr Yeates) (ANN match both sp).

YORSTON: James 29 yrs occupation poss carpenter, Rebecca (DESC nee Chandler) 28 yrs, children Henry 7 yrs, Alfred James 3 yrs, Amelia Augusta 2 yrs, Harriet Esther 1 yr (N ticket 6174, steerage) 
(CoM) (ART sp Yoriton) (PP – James & Rebecca Yorston) (PROV – James 29 yrs, Rebecca 28 yrs, Henry 7 yrs, Alfred 3 yrs, Amelia 2 yrs Harriet 1 yr Yorston) (ANN match) 
(DESC Charlotte Sale advised correct spellings and childrens full names, 7 more children born in Brisbane). 

YOUNG: William M. 20 yrs (N ticket 2643, 2nd cabin) (ART second cabin) (CoM) (PP Wm M Young) (PROV – William M Young 20 yrs) (GAZ – Capt Owens gives thanks on page 36 to Mr Young C.E and other passengers who helped the engineer repair a defect in the condensing apparatus) (ANN match). 

Ticket numbers not yet identified or matched to anyone else:
61 –name unable to read, age 28, occupation smith.
217 – Arondsone Ja (a guess) age 22 or 72.
6166 John xxoote 18 yrs looks crossed out.