Passengers storiesĀ 
by their descendants.

Ann Newbrook
Ann Newbrook later in life. On the left at age 62.
Descendant Lynda Judkins adds memorabilia to the sea chest time capsule on King Island during the 150th commemorations in July 2016.
Passenger list anomalies.

In the Shipping list for the departures from the UK Mary and Thomas are listed on page 6. Mary is listed as age 40 in the married female column. Thomas is listed as 14 in the single male column.

Ann is on a separate ticket number on page 7 as a single female.

BUT on the list traditionally known as the City of Melbourne arrivals (but believed to have been completed in Melbourne prior to people deciding if they were boarding or not - as many on the list remained in Melbourne) - Thomas and Mary are both listed as 40.

No other Thomas Newbrook appears on either list.

Awaiting confirmation from descendants as to whether Thomas was the son or husband.

Karina - 30/7/17