Netherby 2016 Commemorations
Ann Rutte's Newsletters: Jan 2010 to July 2016
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Ann has also put together this excellent list of all the services available on King Island to help you plan your trip. Click on the icon to open the PDFs.
Planned Activities for King Island - July 2016 The final draft

Moved to Town Hall due to inclement weather
9am         Currie Wharf - meet for group photo, 
                then head to Netherby Cove.
After advertising in the Herald Sun's desperately seeking column, and placing some ads in Family Tree Connections, Ann started to build up a mailing list of Netherby descendants. I contributed the email addresses of the many people who had contacted me through my website, the guestbook and discussion forum. Ann started sending out a regular newsletter to garnish interest in the 150th commemorative event and she began hosting get-togethers for descendants in the Melbourne region. 
Below are all of Ann's newsletters that helped people connect and plan.
The newsletters and get-togethers will continue on. Check the ongoing page HERE.