Photos from the 150th Commemorative Event on King Island from 14 to 17 July 2016.

Group photos taken by KI local Noel McKay. Other contributions from myself (Karina), Ann Rutte, Hal, Chris & Carl Hopkins, Glenn Pinnuck, Chris Mead, Charlotte Sale, David Judkins, Megan McCawley & Jenni Cover.

Prior to the 150th commemorations in 2016 I made a 100 page photobook featuring as much as possible from this website. The last 5 pages were blank and were used as a guestbook throughout the King Island events and I then placed the book in the sea chest time capsule for folks to find in the future. Quite a lot of people expressed an interest in purchasing the photobook so what I have done is completely updated "Book 1" to contain even more from this website, and I have also created "Book 2" to be a keepsake from the 150th event. Click HERE to find out how you can order either or both books through the Photo Book Club. Please note that I am not making any profit or commission from this. I made the books for myself and the book company has set up a method to enable you all to order copies. UPDATE: Sept 2018 - the Photo Book Club has advised they will continue to honour the booking number and set price for a while longer.
UPDATE: 29 May 2021: After 4 or 5 years the Photo Book Club has advised they are archiving the data for the books so they will no longer be able to be ordered. I still have the data in the book building program in my computer and it may require a few rejigs where some photos have moved location and been deleted from the program - but if needed I could upload a new book if anyone is keen.