Passenger list - City of Melbourne - departure.

UPDATE: 10 June 2018: Excited to locate this scanned shipping list on Family Search today. Its now the 4th scanned list we have on this site. Working solely on logic and deduction (which doesn't necessarily mean 'correct') I have presumed this list is the list of who actually boarded the City of Melbourne on 31 July 1866 heading for Brisbane via Sydney as it has a declaration on the bottom of the final page that the above is "a correct List of the Names and Descriptions of all the Passengers who embarked at the Port of Melbourne" and is signed by the ships Master and the Emigration Officer and dated 31 July 1866.

It states on the second last page 196 ½ on board. Then states on the last page "Equal to statute adults 201 1/2" Dr Webster and Purser Lockhart not in the list but we know were transported for free based on several newspaper articles and notices. 
Many names (173: 31 couples, 55 children, 51 single males, 2 single females) are crossed off – and are most likely to be those who didn’t board as so far all match existing descendants knowledge about who stayed behind. 
Of the others crossed off – 3 (Springett, Bluett, Attwood) travelled up later on the City of Brisbane steamer; and a batch are crossed off but we know they were saloon passengers and are mentioned in the shipping arrivals in the Queenslander (Crawford, Duppy, Evans G, Gill Mr and Mrs, Miss Thomas, Townsend family x 6, Vincent, A Webster, Young).

There is so much conjecture as to the exact numbers:
An article in the Argus 1 Aug 1866 refers to 312 boarding the City of Melbourne and 150 choosing to remain in Melbourne while Don Charlwood's book and Dr Marshall Webster's report states 243 went to Brisbane and 170 remained.

The City of Melbourne departed from Melbourne on 30 July 1866 and stopped in Sydney (as George Massingham's letter refers to him catching up with his brother there, however Dr Webster, who accompanied the passengers, reports no passengers went ashore), then arrived in Moreton Bay QLD on 4 August 1866 whereupon the next morning the passengers were transferred to the steamer Ipswich to the Brisbane Immigration Depot on 5 August 1866. (I have found Dr Webster's notes to mostly be exactly one day out compared to all other records!).

Shipping notice for arrivals in The Queenslander 11 August 1866 refers to 220 (and a 1/2) (including Dr Webster and Purser Lockhart) arriving in Brisbane, while an article on the same day refers to 247 souls accompanied by Dr Webster and Purser Lockhart then further refers to 80 more passengers being taken to Sydney aboard the Alexandra with further passage expected to Brisbane possibly on another vessel. (Website Admin Note: I am looking further into this for more passenger lists).

I have transposed all the data from the below screenshots into the main passenger list cross referencing page "Passenger list & name corrections".

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