Passengers stories 
by their descendants.

Schrader family
The story of: Herman Carl Aldous Wilhem Schrader, known as William, age 32, gentleman and wife Mary aged 28, daughters Mary 4, and Margaret 2.
The Schrader family boarded the Netherby as steerage passengers on 11 April 1886 in Plymouth. See excerpt of passenger manifest highlighted below.

Based on the City of Melbourne manifest (see highlighted excerpt below) showing passengers who departed from Melbourne on 31 July 1866 to Brisbane, it appears the family initially went to Queensland and later moved to Victoria (to be confirmed), settling in Ballarat where William started a shoe making business. William married for a second time in Ballarat and the Aplin family members were the witnesses, so a nice example of passengers staying in touch.

In Trove I (Karina, admin) located two notices which descendants have not been able to confirm if they are definitely this family. One in The Age 6 Sept 1880 for the funeral of the wife of William Schrader to Melbourne General Cemetery, leaving his residence 87 Young Street Fitzroy. And one being an in memoriam notice in the Ballarat Courier 4 Jan 1914 from ‘devoted widow and family’ on the 1st anniversary of his death on 4 June 1913. Both notices are below and await confirmation.

SOURCE: Confirmation of correct surname spelling and information about the shoemaking and the Aplin family being witnesses at second wedding obtained from great great grandson Alan Schrader in Dec 2019 via the Netherby Facebook group.

Left: excerpt from the main Netherby passenger manifest with a star showing the Schrader family boarding in Plymouth. Full manifest is located here.
Below: excerpt from the City of Melbourne passenger list showing people who continued from Melbourne to Brisbane. Names that were crossed out correlate with records of those who chose the remain in Melbourne. As the Schrader's are not crossed out it can be presumed they did go to QLD initially. I have placed a star next to Mr and Mrs Schrader on the first page and their daughters on the second page. Full manifest is located here.
These two notices found in Trove by Karina, admin. Awaiting confirmation from descendants as to whether these are this Schrader family.