Descendants websites:

Lynda Young - Website by a Netherby descendant.

Skermans - Genealogy website about the Skerman family who were passengers on Netherby.
PDF of the Skerman's shipwreck story and history - fantastic read.
Keith Skerman's Blog about the 150th on King Island

Massingham - Greg Harpers genealogy site featuring George Massingham, my ancestor who was a passenger on the Netherby.

Massingham - a full digest of the Massingham family tree

Massingham - document from the Bellarine Historical society featuring George Massingham's history

Cannell - Stories from the Isle of Manx including a mention of James Cannell, who married Nettie Cubbin (the baby who was born on King Island after the shipwreck and before the rescue).

Cubbin, Nettie - Blog by descendant Jennifer Cover

Grimes - Genealogy website mentioning Thomas Grimes, passenger on Netherby.

Lingard -  Larry put together a lovely PDF on the story of his ancestors William and Emma Lingard. 

Darlington - Story of Alfred William Darlington PDF made by his descendants.

Townsend - story of the Townsend family

Townsend - This blog contains a large entry about William Townsend

Austin - The story of Elizabeth and John Austin

Barry Challengers archives - a lot of interesting data about the Skermans and the wreck

Rerden Family History - A blogspot page about James and Eleanor Rerden

Goldsworthy, John - excerpt from about a passenger search by potential descendants.

McFarlane, John - Excerpt from discussion forum about this passenger

Pinnuck - A blog filled with the history of the Pinnuck families

Wigley - This page has mention of the passenger Wigley

Wigley - Another page mentioning the Wigleys

Wigley - Excerpt from discussion forum about the Wigleys

Bartling - Excerpt from discussion forum about the Bartlings

Bartling - an email trail on Rootsweb mentions a David Weatherill stating his wife is descended from a passenger - no passenger name listed so I will see if I can follow up on this.

Williams - Excerpt from discussion forum about the various William's surnames on board

Davis - Excerpt from discussion forum about Thomas and Ann Davis - information doesn't look confirmed

Newbrook - Excerpt from discussion forum about the Newbrook family

Southwell -  and another   2 excerpts from discussion forum about Joseph Southwell.

Alldis - snippet on referring to the Alldis family

Alexander Brand Webster - a write up on the Deception Bay Heritage website.

Other websites and links related to the shipwreck:

Burgewood Books - Don Charlwood was Australia's most prominent author on books about Australian shipwrecks. He has written a lovely book about The Netherby and it can be ordered via their website.

King Island Online - a great website covering all you need to know about King Island, including maps showing locations of the various shipwrecks.

King Island Shipwrecks - detailed alphabetical list of all shipwrecks on King Island.

Merseyside Maritime Museum - info about the Black Ball Line.

Sunderland - Robert Thompson - History of the shipbuilders of the Netherby, Robert Thompson & Sons. 

Captain Norman - Website about Captain Norman, captain of The Victoria - the ship that performed the rescue of passengers.

Edward Nash Spong - Story about Cape Wickhams lighthouse keeper.

Roadknights - A Roadknight on the Great Ocean Road provided assistance that lead to the eventual rescue.

The Tasmanian Maritime Heritage Program - A bulletin from 2003 mentioning Netherby.

Archibald Currie - Excerpt from discussion forum about Captain Currie who salvaged the wreck

Barbara Bailey - Barbara mentions in this Rotary newsletter being a descendant - I haven't yet narrowed down a passenger name

ABC Radio: ABC Northern Tasmania Drive program did a series of interviews in 2018 with Jim Benn, Skerman descendant, and Luke Agati from the King Island museum, about the Netherby and the Cararaqui wrecks.

Other websites related to genealogy:

Cyndislist probably the best and largest collection of genealogy links in the world

SheppSTC - page featuring tonnes of links to help you with your genealogy project.

Helms Genealogy Toolbox - useful links.

Family Tree Online - good research tool.

National Library of Australia - Trove: Per its name - a treasure trove of searchable books, images, historic newspapers, maps, music, archives and more. 

National Library of Australia: Blog article "Shipshape" about the medical records from ships that exist in the NLA.

Papers Past - New Zealand newspapers archives

The Genealogical Society of Victoria Inc

State Library of Victoria - getting started on your genealogy research

Public Record Office of Victoria

Find My Past 

NSW State Archives and Records - online indexes

QLD State Archives - Immigration database - online indexes

State Library QLD - records searches

LINC Tasmania - shipping lists etc

Liverpool museum - explanation about the lack of passengers lists in the 1800s

Australian National Maritime Museum - resource list

Australian National Shipwrecks Database - great resource and contains lots of other useful links.

Netherby -  record on the Australian National Shipwrecks Database

Search for Ancestors - a resource page

National Archives of Australia - immigration and shipping indexes

Australian Institute of Genealogical Studies

Maryborough Family Heritage Research Institute Inc - helpful place for QLD history in a region where many Netherby families ended up settling. Very useful site for folks researching in Victoria. The site owner offers a paid service for physical searches of records and photographing/scanning records for you. His Blog is full of useful tips and links and the website itself also has a downloads area where he shares data he has already scanned.

Find A Grave: Huge repository of burial records and grave photos from all over the world.

PapersPast - New Zealand newspapers archive - Good database for searching births, deaths, marriages and shipping records around the world.

Ipswich Genealogical Society: Many Netherby families ended up settling in the region. Lots of resources and links on this page.

Melbourne History Resources: The Melbourne directories are a comprehensive listing of city addresses and occupants organised alphabetically by streets across the central city. It is augmented by alphabetical, trade and professional listings, as well as information on leading financial, government, official, ecclesiastical, legal and municipal institutions, and other miscellaneous advertisements, maps and information. The directory includes town as well as suburban listings, with coverage including Melbourne proper and, from year to year, the expanding suburbs of the greater metropolitan region. This collection currently spans directories from 1857 to 1880. A lot of information about historical Melbourne

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