Descendants websites:

Lynda Young - Website by a Netherby descendant.

Skermans - Genealogy website about the Skerman family who were passengers on Netherby.
PDF of the Skerman's shipwreck story and history - fantastic read.
Keith Skerman's Blog about the 150th on King Island

Massingham - Greg Harpers genealogy site featuring George Massingham, my ancestor who was a passenger on the Netherby.

Massingham - a full digest of the Massingham family tree

Massingham - document from the Bellarine Historical society featuring George Massingham's history

Cannell - Stories from the Isle of Manx including a mention of James Cannell, who married Nettie Cubbin (the baby who was born on King Island after the shipwreck and before the rescue).

Cubbin, Nettie - Blog by descendant Jennifer Cover

Grimes - Genealogy website mentioning Thomas Grimes, passenger on Netherby.

Lingard -  Larry put together a lovely PDF on the story of his ancestors William and Emma Lingard. 

Darlington - Story of Alfred William Darlington PDF made by his descendants.

Townsend - story of the Townsend family

Townsend - This blog contains a large entry about William Townsend

Austin - The story of Elizabeth and John Austin

Barry Challengers archives - a lot of interesting data about the Skermans and the wreck

Rerden Family History - A blogspot page about James and Eleanor Rerden

Goldsworthy, John - excerpt from about a passenger search by potential descendants.

McFarlane, John - Excerpt from discussion forum about this passenger

Pinnuck - A blog filled with the history of the Pinnuck families

Wigley - This page has mention of the passenger Wigley

Wigley - Another page mentioning the Wigleys

Wigley - Excerpt from discussion forum about the Wigleys

Bartling - Excerpt from discussion forum about the Bartlings

Bartling - an email trail on Rootsweb mentions a David Weatherill stating his wife is descended from a passenger - no passenger name listed so I will see if I can follow up on this.

Williams - Excerpt from discussion forum about the various William's surnames on board

Davis - Excerpt from discussion forum about Thomas and Ann Davis - information doesn't look confirmed

Newbrook - Excerpt from discussion forum about the Newbrook family

Southwell -  and another   2 excerpts from discussion forum about Joseph Southwell.

Alldis - snippet on referring to the Alldis family

Alexander Brand Webster - a write up on the Deception Bay Heritage website.

Other websites and links related to the shipwreck:

Burgewood Books - Don Charlwood is Australia's most prominant author on books about Australian shipwrecks. He has written a lovely book about The Netherby and it can be ordered via thier website.

King Island Online - a great website covering all you need to know about King Island, including maps showing locations of the various shipwrecks.

King Island Shipwrecks - detailed alphabetical list of all shipwrecks on King Island.

Merseyside Maritime Museum - info about the Black Ball Line.

Sunderland - Robert Thompson - History of the shipbuilders of the Netherby, Robert Thompson & Sons. 

Captain Norman - Website about Captain Norman, captain of The Victoria - the ship that performed the rescue of passengers.

Edward Nash Spong - Story about Cape Wickhams lighthouse keeper.

Roadknights - A Roadknight on the Great Ocean Road provided assistance that lead to the eventual rescue.

The Tasmanian Maritime Heritage Program - A bulletin from 2003 mentioning Netherby.

Archibald Currie - Excerpt from discussion forum about Captain Currie who salvaged the wreck

Barbara Bailey - Barbara mentions in this Rotary newsletter being a descendant - I haven't yet narrowed down a passenger name

Other websites related to genealogy:

Cyndislist probably the best and largest collection of genealogy links in the world

SheppSTC - page featuring tonnes of links to help you with your genealogy project.

Helms Genealogy Toolbox - useful links.

Family Tree Online - good research tool.

National Libraries of Australia

Papers Past - New Zealand newspapers archives

The Genealogical Society of Victoria Inc

State Library of Victoria - getting started on your genealogy research

Public Record Office of Victoria

Find My Past 

NSW State Archives and Records - online indexes

QLD State Archives - Immigration database - online indexes

State Library QLD - records searches

LINC Tasmania - shipping lists etc

Liverpool museum - explanation about the lack of passengers lists in the 1800s

Australian National Maritime Museum - resource list

Australian National Shipwrecks Database - great resource and contains lots of other useful links.

Netherby -  record on the Australian National Shipwrecks Database

Search for Ancestors - a resource page

National Archives of Australia - immigration and shipping indexes

Australian Institute of Genealogical Studies

Maryborough Family Heritage Research Institute Inc - helpful place for QLD history. Very useful site for folks researching in Victoria. The site owner offers a paid service for physical searches of records and photographing/scanning records for you. His Blog is full of useful tips and links and the website itself also has a downloads area where he shares data he has already scanned.

Find A Grave: Huge repository of burial records and grave photos from all over the world.

PapersPast - New Zealand newspapers archive - Good database for searching births, deaths, marriages and shipping records around the world.

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