Passengers stories 
by their descendants.

Alfred & Elizabeth
The story of: Alfred & Elizabeth Seymour (nee Everson)
Photo: Elizabeth and her grown children:
Back row from left: Edred, Alfred & George Seymour, John Bertie Jones
Front row from left: Esther Seymour Lindsay Foster, Mother Elizabeth Everson Seymour Jones, Edith Seymour, Elizabeth Ann Seymour Foote.
Photos taken around King Island during the 150th commemorations July 2016 featuring Megan McCawley, Great great grandaughter of Alfred and Elizabeth Seymour along with Husband Mark McCawley. Both from Brisbane, and Rosemary Sandford nee Foote, great grand daughter of Alfred and Elizabeth Seymour from Hobart.

"For myself ( Megan) the trip to King Island to see the landing place of this young couple who left their homeland with high hopes in their hearts, of success and happiness in a new and strange land, was finally realized. Such bravery, determination and fortitude is difficult, for a person of the 21st century to comprehend. I was awe struck to find myself 150 years on among so many other 'passengers'. It has added another layer to my 'knowing' of Alfred and Elizabeth. The Sunday service at Netherby cove was very emotional. The Hymn ' Eternal Father', which was sung at this service was an appropriate gesture towards these passengers whose christian faith would have given them the strength to endure and survive this terrifying ordeal."

Read a fuller Seymour history in this PDF written by Megan.