Classification of immigrants per "Netherby" and "Maryborough" sent to Port Denison.

Immigration Office
23rd August 1866
I have the honour to inform you that, according to your instruction, I offered free passage to Port Denison by the brig "Spray" to the single men ex "Netherby" and also to the Immigrants ex "Maryborough".

Although the "Spray" is capable of carrying 100 souls, and I was desirous of dispatching a full complement, it was with much difficulty that 38 souls, equivalent to 36 statute adults, we moved to embark.
They consisted of 20 from the "Netherby" and 16 ex "Maryborough", divided into 1 married couple, 29 single men, 3 single girls under the protection of their parents, and 4 children.

The steamer "Emma" took the Immigrants from the Queens Wharf to the "Spray" yesterday morning and that vessel left anchorage in the afternoon.

I have the honour to be

Your most obedient Servant
John McDonnell
Immigration AgentĀ 
John McDonnell, Immigration Agents Letter.
First Hand Accounts From Those Who Were There
Immigration Agents

Additional research needed here. Were these passengers leaving the ship to stay in Sydney ? or just going ashore for a short time. George Massingham's letter does refer to catching up with his brother Tom in Sydney but he definitely did then go to QLD on the City of Melbourne.