Passenger list - City of Melbourne - arrivals.

Note that this is not considered to be a perfect list. It contains names where the descendants know for a fact their ancestors stayed in Melbourne and did not continue on to QLD. See the 'Passengers List and Names Corrections' page for additional notes. 

Update 13 June 2018: Upon finding another City of Melbourne list - see the index on the left, I have concluded by deduction that the below list is the one prepared for Brisbane Immigration. It shows the landing date in Brisbane. We still note that it contains "everyone" rather than noting who remained in VIC, so it may have been copied from another existing list.

Left: Screen shot of passenger list of those brought to Brisbane by the SS City of Melbourne on 6 August 1866.

Click on the below file to see the entire document in PDF format from Queensland Immigrant Archives.

LINK to Queensland State Archives shipping registers.
Also see additional reference - Public Records of Victoria – list of outgoing passengers from Victoria to Brisbane via Sydney on City of Melbourne captained by D Walker. LINK