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The goal of this new page will be to add anything anyone sends me about the 150th commemorative weekend on King Island 2016. 

This can include your notes and recollections about each event, photos & videos, news articles - anything you wish to share with everyone.

I am currently uploading all of my photos to a Phanfare online photo album and will share the link here as soon as it is finished. 

I have added a few news articles to the news article tab already. If you find any more please let me know. 

It was an absolute pleasure meeting everyone and hearing your stories.

25 Sep 2016: I sent out the following newsletter to everyone on my mailing list and for Ann Rutte to send to her mailing list regarding updates to this website and to the Photobook Version 2.

I have commenced building a public attendance register to show everyone who went to King Island for the 150th for posterity. Please see the newsletter for information on how to send me your details.

July 2016 150th Commemorations: Attendance register.
July 2016 150th Commemorations: Apologies register.
Coming soon - under construction
Coming soon - under construction