on board the steamship
"City of Melbourne"
August 4th, 1866.
To the Colonial Secretary of the Queensland Government.
Report of Schoolmaster of ship Netherby.
I have the honour to inform you that I was appointed Schoolmaster of the illfated ship "Netherby" of the Black Ball Line, and beg leave to send you my report.
The schools, both boys and girls, were very well attended and many of the children made considerabe progress.
The schoolbook containing an account of their daily attendance, etc., I am sorry to say went down with the ship, or I would have sent it to you.
The evening classes for young men was kept for some length of time, but it had to be discontinued owing to their non-attendance, but we had reading classes in its stead.
I also beg to state that I received every assistance from Dr. Webster, the Surgeon Superintendent.
Hoping you will approve of this report. I have the honour
to remain your obedient servant
Hope Martin
late Schoolmaster ship "Netherby".
Hope Martin, Schoolmaster's Letter.
First Hand Accounts From Those Who Were There

Web admin Karina: Typed version of this letter was provided to my father by Catriona Robinson of Ispwich in March 1998. Catriona is a descendant of passengers Isabella Moffatt who was travelling with her children Luke and Mary, to join her husbane and 3 other children in the colony. My father had come across an article in a magazine called Bremer Echoes authored by Catriona.
Additional Info: Supplied by Judith Magee 9 Nov 2008:
My mother's maiden name was Martin and her great uncle was Hope Martin, Schoolmaster on the Netherby. Hope Martin's wife's name was Maria (nee Skerman) and they came with others in the Skerman family, including my husband, Neil Magee, whose great great grandfather was John Skerman, whose sister was Maria Skerman. Only found this out last week and although know a lot about the Skerman side of the family, would love to find out about what happened to Hope and Maria Martin after they left Queensland for Balmain, NSW. Would love to hear if anyone knows about that side of the family. From Judith Magee