Sandra Soutter, a Skerman descendant, patiently PDF'd the Netherby Gazette for me. Its missing pages 2, 3 and 82 so hopefully someday we will track those down. Click on the link below to have a read.

Update: June 2015. I found page 82 among my own collection and have scanned it into Sandra's document.

And from the National Library of Australia - a glorious scanned colour version.

The Netherby Gazette 

The Netherby Gazette was a regular journal / newspaper published throughout the voyage to keep passengers informed and entertained through a very long voyage. It is filled with fantastic detail and some very witty anecdotes.
From my own partial collection and from the most helpful Sandra Soutter, Lynda Young and the Charlwoods, also the National Library of Australia - Trove collection - out of copyright edition.

State library description:


The Netherby Gazette, A Journal Published on Board the Ship Netherby, Captain Owens, Bound from London to Brisbane; containing an Account of the Shipwreck on the Western Side of King’s Island, In Lat. 39 o 53’ South, On the 14th July, 1866, and the Miraculous Escape of All on Board, consisting of 452 souls, and a Narrative of Occurrences on that Island, Until Nobly and Humanely Relieved by the Victorian Government, and Eventually Brought on to Melbourne by H.M.C. Steamers ‘Victoria’ and ‘Pharos.’ 
Edited by Messrs. H.D. Vincent and Townsend, Saloon Passengers.
Melbourne, W.B. Stephens, Bookseller and Stationer, 87p.
State Library Call No.: TL 910.45
Ferguson No.: 13145

The gazette was produced by the passengers on board the ship Netherby on a voyage from London to Brisbane in 1866. It includes notes and anecdotes about the voyage including sailing directions, weather conditions, domestic occurrences (births and deaths) and summaries of the week. It also includes poetry and question and answer sections. The gazette includes letters to the editor written by passengers and crew and these chronicle the events leading up to the wreck of the Netherby on the west coast of King Island in Bass Strait. The gazette details the survival of the passengers and crew and subsequent events on King Island until their rescue. An official report of the incident by Captain Owen is also included.
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