News articles & website promotions leading up to and after the 150th Commemorations (including January 2017 Australia Day awards). Allow time for page to load - lots of big images.
Tasmanian MP Matthew Groom with a family golfing trophy topped with a piece of the Netherby. 
A painting recounts the survivors of the Netherby shipwreck coming ashore. Picture: COURTESY OF STATE LIBRARY OF VICTORIA
Tasmanian MP Matthew Groom's great-great grandfather Benjamin Groom, left, his wife Lucy and their four children including son William Groom, right, were aboard the Netherby when it ran aground in 1866.

In January 2017 Ann Rutte returned to King Island to attend the Australia Day Awards where Netherby 2016 was awarded the Community Event of the Year.
A story about the ferocious storm that hit King Island on the day many folks were flying in for the 150th commemorations.
Newsletter (click on the PDF) from the King Island Lions Club featuring its members who helped us out immensely during the anniversary commemorations.