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July 2016 150th Commemorations: Attendance register.

Representing the Netherby passenger/s named…..

Name of attendee

Relationship to the Netherby passenger/s, or relationship to an attendee

Travelled from …..

to King Island for 150th

Comments about the 150th.

What did it mean to you?

Includes excerpts from photobook guestbook entries.

John & Eliza Adams

Vic & Lauren Hargreaves


Brisbane, QLD

Well done organisers and locals.


Helen Redfern


Brisbane, QLD

Absolutely amazing.

Walter Charles Alldis

Glenys & husband Murray, Sarah & Kiralee Southurst (age 11)

Glenys – great granddaughter.

Sarah – great great granddaughter.

Kiralee – great great great granddaughter


Wonderful true story of survival and resilience.


Peter & Pam Ashby




John & Elizabeth (nee Heard) Austin & children William 16 yrs, Edwin John 15 yrs, Sarah Elizabeth 10 yrs, John Henry 8 yrs, Selena 6 yrs, James 5 yrs & Mary Jane 4 yrs


Kate Peters & husband Greg Woodbury

Great granddaughter of Edwin


There is a lot to learn from our ancestors in terms of toughness & surviving adversity.

Bartling family

Annette & Stuart Law

Descended from August Bartling

Fremantle, WA

Fate has favoured us to be here

William & Ellen Cubbin & children William, Elizabeth & Alfred. Daughter born on King Island the night of the wreck known as Netherby (Nettie) Victoria Louise.

Ann Rutte & husband Ernst

Great granddaughter of Elizabeth Ann Cubbin, sister of Shirley Bonnici

Melbourne, VIC

I want to thank everyone & I mean everyone on my database, whether you attended or not. This was hard work & it paid off with 168 visiting King Island over July 14-17. Those absent were present in spirit & addressed several times in the various speeches by a variety of speakers. You may have missed the event but you were not forgotten.


Shirley Bonnici

Great granddaughter of Elizabeth Ann Cubbin, sister of Ann Rutte

Melbourne, VIC

From guestbook: The 150th was a great success. Was very proud to have been here.


Jennifer Cover & husband Grahame

Great-great- granddaughter of Ellen and William Cubbin

Great-granddaughter of Nettie Cubbin

Chillingham, NSW

Fantastic celebrations. Very well organised. It was so special experiencing the wind at the shipwreck site, meeting other descendants and hearing their stories, exploring King Island, cutting Nettie’s birthday cake, meeting artist Caroline Kininmonth and staying in her colourful cottages … etc.


Myles Cover & wife Jane Mio

Great-great-great-grandson of Ellen and William Cubbin

Great-great-grandson of Nettie Cubbin.

Jennifer & Grahame Cover’s son

Sydney, NSW

The cheese is also delicious


Rex Cover & partner Jemma Ylias

Great-great-great-grandson of Ellen and William Cubbin

Great-great-grandson of Nettie

Jennifer & Grahame Cover’s son

Sydney, NSW

Hello future people. The cake is delicious!

Denning family

Heather & Noel Denning





Jeanette Skuja & Wayne Hill



Very excited. We’ve been looking forward to this for a couple of years.

Reginald William Cotton Evans

Bev & Don Nicoll


Fish Creek, VIC

A very moving time

Thomas & Caroline Grimes

Winston (Mike) Hadley Grimes & wife Beverley Jones

Great grandson. Cousin to Lynelle


Amazed by their resilience.


Lynelle Fenner

Great grand daughter. Cousin to Mike



Benjamin & Lucy Groom

Margaret & Ron Roper

Great niece of Charles William Groom

Ringwood, VIC

Wonderful event thanks


Ray, James & Matthew Groom. Craig & Jason Bowman, Tim Picken, Ed Allen.



Guestbook comment by Jason Bowman of Sydney “Many Thanks”.

Guestbook comment by Craig Bowman “A wonderful event, many thanks”.


Shirley Edwards-Smith & Athalia


Pt Lonsdale, VIC

Great weekend!!

William & Emma Lingard

Rick & Jackie Field,

Luke Cartwright, Will Jensen



Quotes from guestbook:

Rick – Wonderful meeting all the Lingard cousins for the 1st time.

Jackie Field-Van Helden (wife of Rick) – Amazing event – power to the people.

Will – Fabulous.


Rod Lingard

Great grandson of William

London, England



Larry & wife Dawn Davis,

Great grandson of William


Larry - Lest we forget

Dawn – Lovely weekend, looking forward to the next one.


Pete Lingard & partner Donnalee Young


Swansea, Tasmania

Thank You!

Hope & Maria (nee Skerman) Martin

Beth Lehman & husband Frank

Great granddaughter

Canberra, ACT



Peter Singleton

Great grandson

Sydney, NSW


George Leake Massingham

Suzanne Barton & husband Lance

Great granddaughter

Sydney, NSW

What a supreme effort in compiling this book


Karina Taylor

Great great grand niece (great great granddaughter of George’s brother William)

Melbourne, VIC

Relief that so many people came. Surreal to meet everyone and hear the stories. More surreal to see real people with the surnames I have read on my website for so many years. Thank you all for making this such a wonderful event.

Edwin & Francis Morris

Ern Morris





Yvonne (Morris) Stewart & husband Jamie.


Rowville, VIC

It’s been really great to attend the 150th commemoration of the Netherby.



Brenda (Morris) Hughes


Rowville, VIC

It has been a great weekend and I am looking forward to sharing my family history with my four girls Kimberly, (unable to read name), Alison & Paige.

Thomas & Mary Newbrook,

& 15 yr old Ann

Lynda Judkins

Great granddaughter of Ann

Melbourne, VIC

The 150th commemoration on King Island was for us variously exciting, moving and certainly memorable. So glad we were a part of it.


David Judkins

Husband of Lynda

Melbourne, VIC


John Parry

Joanne Lumb

Great great granddaughter

Brisbane, QLD

The item I put in the chest was the cover of my father’s book, “The Law of the Sea”. He was a legal academic who specialised in constitutional law but I do think it was quite interesting he also wrote about the law of the sea. Interestingly, my family travelled to and from England when I was eight by ocean liner as my father was keen to experience this. It was one of the last ocean voyages (we left in January 1970 and returned in January 1971). We travelled by P&O liners. I probably travelled the same route as the Netherby passengers, around the Cape of Good Hope!


Mehret Lumb (age 12)

Great great great granddaughter

Brisbane, QLD

This was an amazing celebration and I can’t wait for the next one.


Jennifer Davis, Matthew Davis,

Liz Elliot,

Emma Davis, Adam Davis, Robert Drohan, Valda Drohan, Robert Campbell Penny Campbell

Valda – great great granddaughter.

Jennifer, Emma & Matthew – 3rd generation.

Robert Campbell – 2nd generation.


Wonderful reunion, fantastic 150 yr reunion.

Peters, George (crew)

David Peters & father

Graham Peters

David – great great grandson of George Peters (great grand son of George & Ellen’s son Robert Charles).


Graham (David’s father. Son of Frank Graham Peters. Grandson of Robert Charles Peters. Great grandson of George Peters.



David and Elizabeth Pinnuck, Albert (4 yrs), David (2 years)

Glenn Pinnuck

Great great grandson of David snr

Brisbane, QLD

A truly memorable occasion made that more special by the discovery of many direct descendants, and distant relatives also in attendance. A great story of courage, survival and hardship at a period so important in Australia ’s Maritime history.

Edward George Pinnuck (brother of David Snr)

Thomas Edward Brewer


Mooroopna, VIC



Kathleen Veronica Treacy & Husband Pat


Mooroopna, VIC

Wonderful weekend, thank you


Christine Joy Mead & husband Gregory Mead


Phillip Island, VIC

Great weekend, many thanks.


Clifton Brewer & wife Rebecca

Great grandson

Shepparton, VIC



Eliza Treacy

Great great granddaughter, granddaughter of Kathleen

Shepparton, VIC

From guestbook: Hello to myself. How are you. Where did you end up?


Nick Pinnuck

Great grandson

Darwin, NT



Gerard Pinnuck & wife Nola

Great grandson

Finley, NSW



Barbara (Pinnuck) Fitzgerald

Great granddaughter


A remarkable story of survival


Marie (Pinnuck) & husband Bob Emmitt.

Great granddaughter

Melbourne, VIC

Wonderful to learn of the stories of the different ancestors and meet other descendants.


Suzanne (Pinnuck) Bunsworth & husband Des.

Great granddaughter

Melbourne, VIC



Loreto Pinnuck

Great granddaughter

Melbourne, VIC



Veronica (Pinnuck) Petersen

Great granddaughter of Edward

Melbourne, VIC



Paul Pinnuck

Descended from Edward

Finley, NSW

Well done.


Katherine (Pinnuck)  Gutteridge

Great granddaughter of Edward

Melbourne, VIC


Alfred and Elizabeth Seymour

Megan McCawley & husband Mark

Great great granddaughter

Brisbane, QLD

For myself (Megan) the trip to King Island to see the landing place of this young couple who left their homeland with high hopes in their hearts, of success and happiness in a new and strange land, was finally realized. Such bravery, determination and fortitude is difficult, for a person of the 21st century to comprehend. I was awe struck to find myself 150 years on among so many other 'passengers'. It has added another layer to my 'knowing' of Alfred and Elizabeth. The Sunday service at Netherby cove was very emotional.  The Hymn ' Eternal Father', which was sung at this service was an appropriate gesture towards these passengers whose Christian faith would have given them the strength to endure and survive this terrifying ordeal.


Rosemary Sandford nee Foote

Great grand daughter

Hobart, TAS

In celebration of my great grandparents lives.

Skerman family

Frederick James (Jim) Benn & wife Sharon

Great grandson of Frederick John

Resident of King Island



John Douglas Benn & wife Mavis

Great grandson of Frederick John

Melany, QLD



Timothy Amos Peake & wife Janice

Great great grandson of Frederick John Skerman

Resident of King Island



Robyn & Russell Wilkie & children Cory, Casey & Mikaila

Descended from Walter Skerman


Excellent event. Very well organized. Thanks


Robert Wilkie & wife Linda


Brisbane, QLD

Excited to be a part of this wonderful journey / history making event.


Keith & Alistair Skerman

Descended from John Skerman

Dorset, England

Memorable & moving


Paul & Robbie Skerman

Descended from Frederick John Skerman

Brisbane, QLD

From guestbook: Rob – will bring my kids to the next one!

From guestbook: Paul – Attended the 100th – Skerman Centenary at Scarborough QLD 14 July 1966.


Merilyn Playsted & Lucinda age 9

Lucinda – gr gr gr gr granddaughter of John Skerman

Toowoomba, QLD

Thanks for a great weekend


Barry & Kay (Skerman) McGaw

Kay – great granddaughter of Frederick James, granddaughter of Percival James snr, daughter of Percival James jnr.

Melbourne, VIC

A wonderful reunion


Valerie (Skerman) & Maurice Webb

Val - great granddaughter of Frederick James, granddaughter of Percival James snr, daughter of Percival James jnr.

Mudgee, NSW

Great to see our history come alive


Robyn Fragar,

Descended from Frederick John Skerman

Sydney, NSW

An experience! Great!


Suzanne Bushell,

Descended from Frederick John Skerman

North Richmond, NSW

Thank you for a great weekend


Joy Everett





Ben Skerman & Elizabeth Watson


Wolli Creek, NSW



David & Pauline Peake

David descended from Frederick John Skerman.

Parents of Timothy Peake

Greenmount, QLD

Fantastic, well done. Many thanks.


Suzanne Skerman

Great granddaughter of Walter, granddaughter of Edward F, daughter of Douglas E.

Cooma, NSW

Wonderful !!


Lance Skerman,

Descended from Frederick Skerman

Toowoomba, QLD



Greg Skerman

Descended from Frederick John Skerman

Dalby, Qld

Fantastic & very moving


Chester & Dianne Stokes

Descended from Walter Skerman




Benjamin Skerman

Great grandson of Frederick John Skerman

Sherwood, QLD



James & Pauline Skerman





Margaret Skerman

Descended from Frederick John Skerman

Brisbane, QLD



Penny Skerman & husband Adrian Russell, sons Nicholas & Alexander Russell.

Descended from Frederick John Skerman

Mackay, QLD

All the best! Come to King Island.


Hal & Christina Hopkins (nee Skerman). Carl, Ian, David & Marie Hopkins

Christine descended from Frederick John Skerman > Percival James > John Skerman

Glen Iris, VIC

Fantastic Event. Thank you for all you have done as a team putting it together – much appreciated. A very special event for all of us. A warm thank you to Ann Rutte and Karina for your research and website. Faith leads to hope and hope to perseverance.


Rodney Skerman





Bruce Sweet & wife Joan

Descended from Walter Skerman

Logan City, QLD

Great to be here.


Helen & David Mathieson





Allan Skerman & wife Debbie, son Patrick

Descended from Walter Skerman


Great, glad we came.

William Townsend with children Isabella, Mary, Edwin, George, Victor +1. Also travelling with Elizabeth Salmon Thomas (2nd cousin & future wife)

Thomas Helmer

Direct ancestor 5 generations


A fantastic and well organized event.


Brian Townsend & wife Raelene

Descendant of Victor Lewis Townsend

Runcorn, Brisbane QLD

What a great adventure for us all.

James & Rebecca (nee Chandler) Yorston & children Henry Alfred, Alfred James, Amelia Augusta, Harriet Esther. (7 more children born in Brisbane)

Trevor Tighe & wife Charlotte Sale

Great great grandson of James and Rebecca, great grandson of Henry Alfred. (& grandson of Henry Santley Yorston)

Chermside, QLD

Trevor: Looking forward to the adventure.
Charlotte: A wonderful opportunity to reconnect with family history


Steven Yorston

Great great great grandson of James & Rebecca, great great grandson of Henry Alfred. (& great grandson of John Reginald Yorston, nephew of Kathleen).


Enjoyable, enlightening. Well done all.


Janis McMichael & husband David

Great great granddaughter of James and Rebecca, great granddaughter of Henry Alfred. (& granddaughter of Henry Santley Yorston).

Shailer Park, QLD

Looking forward to reunion


Rae Sorenson

Great granddaughter of James & Rebecca. Granddaughter of Allen Renton Bell Yorston (born in Brisbane 1877, immigrated to Canada with his parents in 1903).


Donated a cup and saucer from a tea set to the KI Museum that Rebecca took with her when she left the ship. It has journeyed from England to Australia on the Netherby, then to Brisbane, then to Canada – before returning to King Island.


Kathleen Yorston

Great great granddaughter of James & Rebecca, great granddaughter of Henry Alfred. (& granddaughter of John Reginald Yorston)


How wonderful to be a part of this momentous gathering.


Other guests in attendance.

Name of attendee’s

Connection to the Netherby

Travelled from …..

to King Island for 150th

Doreen Charlwood Burge

Daughter of Don Charlwood, author of The Wreck of the Sailing Ship Netherby


Graham Burge

Husband of Doreen


Will & Sandy Leggat

Friends of Doreen


Neil and Robyn Riddell

Friends of Doreen


Helen Vivian

Author, and daughter of author Cynthia Vivian



July 2016 150th Commemorations: Apologies register.


Representing the Netherby passenger/s named…..

Name of person who could not attend.

Relationship to the Netherby passenger/s, or relationship to an attendee




Dr Marshall Hall Webster

Penelope Webster Svensson

Great grand daughter



Edward George Pinnuck (brother of David Snr)

Felicity Fitzgerald

Great great granddaughter (and daughter of Barbara Fitzgerald)




Bill & Ellen Brewer




Robert & Mary Nally and baby Michael born during the voyage

Athol Turner

Great grandson




Cassandra Turner

Great great granddaughter


My 2nd great grandfather Robert Nally (born Mayo, Ireland 1835) was aboard The Netherby with his first wife Mary Anne Kelly (born Galway, Ireland 1835). Their first child, Michael Nally, was born aboard The Netherby on the 14th of May 1866, before the shipwreck. Michael died in 1931 and is buried at Dunedoo.


Baily Holland

Great great great grandson




Fraser Holland

Great great great grandson




The attendance at the 150th commemorations was beyond my (Karina) expectations. I was so thrilled that so many people arrived to celebrate our ancestors. Thank you to everyone. The event could not have gone so well without you all.