Crew Manifest

with thanks to Ann Rutte - source to be advised.
No  Surname      Given name           Comment
1    Adams           George                  Able seaman. Praised in Captain’s report.
2    Alexander     Nicholas
3    Anderson      Peter
4    Bastow          R
5    Bernie           Noah
6    Brown           Frank
7    Campbell      Duncan
8    Douffel         L.E.
9    Dunn            Thomas
10  Gardi            Demetrius             Able seaman. Praised in Captain’s report. Greek.
11  Gay                John
12  Gonsalve       Peter
13  Hill                John
14  Houghton     E.W.
15  Johnson        Charles
16  Jones            William                 First officer
17  McPhadron (or McFadzean)D.  Remained on King Island with John Parry 
18  Moore           John
19  Osborne        Peter
20  Owens           Owen                   Captain
21  Parry             John                      Second officer. Sailed whaleboat across Bass Strait to raise the alarm. Returned to King Island to protect salvage and pay rights.
22  Penoril          Frank
23  Peters           George                  (LINK to a page about George)
24  Pind              Longman
25  Schwartz       Gustave
26  Sullivan         James
27  Thredingham H.
28  Webster         Dr Marshall Hall Surgeon Superintendent (LINK to more about Dr Webster)
29  Williams        E.K.

Actual total was 38 (still working on a full list - all help accepted)
Captain Owen Owens

George Peters