Crew Manifest

With thanks to Ann Rutte for initial list - source to be advised. Names also sourced from references in The Gazette, newspapers and passengers letters.
Captain Owen Owens and family

George Peters

No. Name. Comments.

1: George Adams. Able seaman. Praised in Captain Owens report.
2: Nicholas Alexander. 
3: Peter Anderson.
4: R Bastow.
5: Noah Bernie. (Birnie spelling in The Age 4 Aug 1866 where he is referred to as the carpenter).
6: Frank Brown.
7: Duncan Campbell.
8: L.E. Douffel.
9: Thomas Dunn.
10: Demetrius Gardi. Able seaman. Greek. Praised in Captain Owens report.
11: John Gay.
12: Peter Gonsalve.
13: John Hill.
14: E.W. Houghton.
15: Charles Johnson.
16: William Jones. (May be a separate person or may be a duplicate of Edward Jones).
17: Edward Jones. First officer. Mentioned in The Age and Sydney Illustrated News August 1866.
18: D McFadzean. (or McPhadron). Noted on plaque at Cape Wickham, King Island. Remained on the island with Parry.
19: John Moore.
20: Peter Osborne.
21: Owen Owens. Captain. Link to more info.
22: John Parry. Second officer. Sailed whaleboat across Bass Strait to raise the alarm. Returned to King Island on the rescue ship and stayed to protect salvage and pay rights. Link to more info.
23: Frank Penoril.
24: George Peters. Link to more info.
25: Longman Pind.
26: Gustave Schwartz.
27: James Sullivan.
28: H. Thredingham.
29: Dr Marshall Hall Webster. Surgeon Superintendent. Link to more info.
30: E.K. Williams. (Or R Williams, mentioned in The Queenslander 4 Aug 1866 as the Third Officer).
31: Lockhart. Purser – mentioned in The Queenslander 4 Aug 1866.

As far as we know the total crew numbered 38. Still working on this list and all help is accepted.

POSSIBLES – still being checked.

Jacob Moses. Referred to on page 39 of the Gazette as a money lender. Doesn’t match any other passenger name.

On the “alternative” Netherby passenger list (here) there is a group of names on the last page that do not match any other lists of passenger names or are in addition to passengers already noted. There are also names visible at the bottom of each page below the main passenger count. I have listed them here in case they turn out to be crew.

William James Austin.
P Bowes.
Donager (spelling not determined – could be Donagher, Langer, Sanger, Sawyer).
Rowif Evaroe/Evekoe.
John Hayes.
Sam Meager (appears in addition to a passenger named Samuel Meagher).
O’Conner (appears on page 3 below all other names – separate to the existing known 3 O’Connor’s).
Stephen Prestwood (appears in the list on the last page and also appears below the rest of the S passenger list in a different handwriting).
W Robbins.
R Sherwood.
Rohas (or Rohan) Walls (appears below the final W list page 13 in different handwriting).