Passenger Petition / Testimony to Captain Owens
from the Netherby Gazette

Melbourne, 30th July 1866.
Captain O. Owens.

Dear Sir, We the undersigned, passengers of ship "Netherby", beg to tender you our warmest thanks for the uniform kindness and sympathy shown us, not only on King's Island, but during the whole passage. Our utmost respect and admiration are due to you for always being foremost at the post of danger, and even when the indifference of others was clearly exhibited, for your daring attempt to go to the lighthouse in a leaky and shattered boat to save us from misery; and also for your kindness to those destitute of clothing, by not only giving up to them all of which was saved of your own clothing, but also what you had on your own person.

We have very little time to write this, or we would fill up this sheet in admiration of your qualities both as a seaman and as a Christian.

We now bid you adieu, and hope that you will meet with that success in future which you are highly deserving of.

We remain, dear Sir, yours faithfully,

From page 86/87 of the Netherby Gazette: Wreck of the Netherby. Walker May and Co, Printers 99 Bourke St West Melbourne.