Passengers stories 
by their descendants.

Charles & Maria
Denning and son James Gad (or Gadd)
Contribution to the Netherby discussion forum in 2013:

Hi. I am really keen to attend the reunion. Thanks so much to the organisers. Having organised a reunion in my family, I know how much work is involved.  
Charles and Maria Denning were my great great great grandparents. They continued on to Brisbane and settled in the Brisbane Valley. Sadly, they had lost 8 children during their time in Wales and England. Their son, Isaac Denning and his wife, Lydia, arrived in Queensland in 1864 with their young family. Perhaps that was the motivation to come to Australia. Their daughter, Charlotte, remained in England and lived a long life. Their son, James Gadd Denning, came out on the Netherby with his parents. He was 11 years old.
I have been reading about the wreck and am amazed and awed by the grit and determination of our ancestors.

Shirely Hulett
Contribution to the Netherby discussion forum 2015: 

Charles Denning & Maria Denning (née Clark) were my husband's great-great-great-great-grandparents from Somerset, England. The couple aged in their 50's & their son, James, were on the "Netherby" in 1866. Charles worked as a coal miner in Somerset & Wales (1841, 1851 & 1861 Census). Charles died age about 86, Maria died age about 64, in QLD.
James Gad Denning married Ellen Cutler in 1877. Jim owned a pit saw about that time. He was later a fireman - electoral roll at Glamorgan Vale in 1913. (They died in their 70's & are buried in Ipswich, QLD but I do not know of any direct descendants.) 

Our line is via their eldest son Isaac Denning, born 1832, a coal miner in Wales (1851 census) - like his father Charles before him. Isaac Denning was the first of this family to emigrate to Australia departing 12/10/1864 (arrived QLD aboard "Golden City" 3/01/1865) with his wife & 3 sons. He took up farming - electoral roll at Glamorgan Vale in 1913. Isaac died in 1915. Isaac & Lydia Denning (née Poulson) had 7 sons & a daughter. Isaac's 4th son William Denning was born in Wales in 1863. He worked initially with his Uncle Jim, started up a saw mill at Glamorgan Vale, then Palen Creek, then Fernvale, Tarong, & also at Deagon, and ran a timber yard at Sandgate, Brisbane. William & his wife Alicia (née Heck) were married in 1883 in QLD, had 13 children and so there are many, many descendants ... Roslyn & Ken F
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