Ongoing plans: Commemorating all things Netherby.

The goal with this page is to promote ideas people have regarding ways to continue commemorating the Netherby Shipwreck.

At present folks are considering:

- a memorial at Point Roadknight commemorating the bravery of John Parry

- a memorial seat and wall at Netherby Cove on King Island - including plaques featuring passengers names

- a get together on King Island for the 160th anniversary, including checking the contents of the sea chest time capsule entrusted into the care of the King Island Museum on 17 July 2016.

As webmistress - my ongoing goals are:

- to build the most concise and correct passenger and crew list as humanly possible

- to establish exactly who went to QLD and who stayed in VIC. (Commenced on a new page "Onward to Brisbane, or stayed in Melbourne" 15 Aug 2017).

- to continue collecting information from everyone out there to create a passenger history page for your ancestors who were on the ship.

- I would love to start a collection/database of photos of passengers graves/headstones.

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