Passengers stories 
by their descendants.

​Alfred William Lee
The story of:  Alfred William Lee, 19, labourer, ticket 99 in steerage.

Admin note: I have not yet been contacted by any Lee descendants. I have created this page to hold various news articles and family notices. In one article Alfred, a master baker (father William Lee, mother Charlotte Jude), reminisces about travelling with brother Arthur. The various shipping lists show Arthur/Anthony (first name differs across the 4 lists), 26, labourer, travelling with Elizabeth, 26, William, 3 and Alfred, 1 on ticket 9 in steerage.
There was also another Lee family on board - I have not yet ascertained if they were related. Travelling on ticket 14 in steerage - Andrew, 27, labourer, Mary, 27, David, 6, Margaret, 4, Isabella, infant.

Births registered in QLD to Alfred William Lee 
and Catherine McKay:
1870: Emma Charlotte
1873: Catherine Smith
1872: Donald Robert
1877: Flora Matilda
1879: Alfred Ernest
1882: Thomas Alexander
1875: Albert William
1886: Agnes Hortensia
1889: Maud Minnie

Electoral Roll, Fortitude Valley
Daughter Agnes, married Richard Yuile in 1908, they lost their son Albert in June 1911, followed by Agnes' death in August 1911.
This was the original article snippet that sent me on the trail of Mr Lee after he referenced my own ancestor George Massingham.
Death of Alfred William Lee's wife Catherine (Nee McKay). And below a notice placed by sons Alfred Ernest and Albert William after the loss of their mother.